Civility & Diversity

UW-Green Bay expects that all faculty, staff, students and visitors will treat each other with a sense of civility while in the UW-Green Bay community. Civility is a benevolent awareness of others. Simply stated, we are civil when we care about others and treat them well. Civility requires individuals to utilize respect, responsibility and restraint in their dealings with others. It also means that we expect one another to be polite, courteous and supportive of differences in people. It is with civility in mind that Housing & Residential Education encourages and promotes a strong commitment to Inclusive Excellence. Inclusive Excellence (IE) is a system-wide commitment to supporting and promoting the acceptance and celebration of differences among people. Housing & Residential Education encourages you to learn more about diversity, inclusion and being an ally. 

If you are interested in being part of a group that plans activities and events on topics related to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, able-ism, and related topics, talk to your Residential Education Coordinator to learn more about options for involvement. The University has numerous committees and opportunities for residents who want to meet and work with others who feel strongly about these issues. Many campus and building programs related to diversity are planned by RAs, residents, and professional staff who are passionate about exploring and educating on these topics. You have an open invitation to join us.

UW-Green Bay and Housing & Residential Education will not tolerate behavior aimed at discriminating, degrading or hurting people whether physical, emotional, or indirect (notes, signs, gestures). Residents who witness or experience such inappropriate behavior are encouraged to meet with an RA or REC immediately. The resident who reports the inappropriate behavior will have the ability to be involved or remain anonymous in the course of action to follow. Please also note that the University has a Bias Incdent and Hate Crime Reportform. Please meet with a professional staff member from Housing & Residential Education, the Dean of Students Office, the Pride Center, or the Multi Ethnic Student Affairs office (MESA) for assistance with your concern. Our goal is to stop all inappropriate behavior that takes away from the sense of safety and belonging that UW-Green Bay and Housing & Residential Education strive to create. Please help us in this mission.