Overview & Philosophy

If it is the University’s responsibility to help create a well-rounded individual – one who is prepared to work in a global world. What then is Housing’s responsibility?

Housing strives to educate residents about the responsibilities and opportunities of living in a community. We provide you numerous opportunities for collaborative leadership development, personal development, academic support and fun. Each of our programs, activities and events are thoughtfully planned with the hope of helping you learn more about yourself and others. Our purpose is simple. We are working to develop a safe on-campus community in which:

  • You feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your community – like a "home away from home"
  • You are encouraged to embrace the concepts of community development and life-long learning
  • You develop a sense of responsibility to the people in the community in which you live and eventually you want to contribute back to that community
  • You learn to enjoy the uniqueness that every person brings to the community
  • You can have fun while learning and growing

In order to create this type of community, we need individuals who believe in this message to step up and help us create this type of environment. We know that we cannot possibly create this type of community without student leaders. Some students come to Housing & Residential Education as strong established leaders and others come to learn how to get involved.

With the Residential Education Philosophy in mind, Housing & Residential Education has a number of major emphases that drive the efforts of the department’s team. These priorities include:

  • A Resident’s Role
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Civility, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
  • Supporting Academic Success