Being a Good Roommate

Whether this is your first time living with a roommate or you have shared a room all your life, living with someone new can be exciting and challenging. You might be living with a person you have never met before, or you might be living with your best friend. Whatever the case, in order to have a successful year and a comfortable living environment, there are several things you and your roommate(s) will want to discuss and consider.

Basic Suggestions:

  • Try to get to know each other better
  • Be open: ask, listen, discuss. Don't wait until things escalate
  • Treat your roommate as an equal
  • Respect your roommate’s right to privacy or personal time alone
  • Be sensitive to each other’s moods. Everyone has bad days, so try to understand when your roommate has one
  • Avoid trying to "reform" or correct your roommate. Don't expect him/her to conform to your standards or accept your beliefs
  • Respect your roommate's right to study
  • Don’t cause interruptions or make unnecessary noise
  • Work out the division of chores. Don’t wait for your roommate to take care of the housekeeping
  • Discuss use of personal property such as computers, cell phones, clothing, food and other items

Discuss Cleaning Responsibilities:

  • How important is a clean/neat room?
  • Who should do which jobs?
  • How frequently should we clean?
  • What if one of us doesn’t do their job?

For more roommate resources, download our Welcome and Roommate Guide or contact your Resident Assistant.