Community Living Agreements

Whether you choose to live in an apartment or a residence hall, you are becoming a part of a new and dynamic community when you live on-campus. At the start of the new school year, especially in the residence halls, your Resident Assistant (RA) will discuss Community Living Agreements (CLAs) with you and the other members of your community. CLAs help define the shared values and norms that you and the other members of your community find acceptable in order to have a welcoming living environment. The RA’s role is to be a facilitator, initiator, and knowledgeable resource in building the strongest community possible. By taking part in creating the CLA, you are helping to create the ideal living environment.

The CLAs will be made to address the following:
  • Values of the community
  • Identify the role of representatives for the community in Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA)
  • Assessment of community needs
  • Use of lounge space
  • Importance of quiet hours
  • Responsibility for guests
  • Confrontation of inappropriate behavior
  • Maintenance of clean hallways
  • Personal safety
  • How to be proactive with all aspects of the community
  • By addressing these things early on, you and the other members can work with your RA to create a positive community.

What to expect from a positive community:

  • Respect for each other
  • Solving minor problems (like noise)
  • How to create an "open door" environment in your building so you can "chat with others"
  • Preventing abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Talking about personal differences
  • Individuals within the community are valued, no matter what their opinion
  • Importance of attending programs, events, and activities
  • Caring about others
  • Trusting one another
  • Studying in your room
  • Holding one another accountable
  • Having fun interacting with one another
  • A sense of pride in your community
  • Involvement in your community
  • Taking care of your community—reducing problems such as vandalism and cleanliness issues
You play a major part in the creation of this positive community. Along with the CLAs, Housing & Residential Education also has policies in place to ensure that you and your fellow residents have the best possible experience while living on-campus.

Each of you is expected to assist in establishing a positive environment that allows each individual to succeed academically and socially. This means that you need to be involved in the day-to-day shaping of the floor and building environment. This can be done by taking ownership in what is happening on your floor/building. For example, you should feel comfortable asking others to quiet down, clean up after themselves or follow established policies. We understand that it may take time for some of you to learn how to appropriately give this type of feedback to peers, but RAs can help facilitate this process by serving as role models and teaching healthy ways to have conversations with other residents.