You might be asking yourself, “What is a community as it pertains to my room assignment?” For Housing & Residential Education, a community is made up of the individuals on your floor or in your building. Overall, all residents make up the larger on-campus community.

The definition of community in Housing & Residential Education is a group of individuals who:

  • Intentionally interact with one another by living in close proximity of each other
  • Share a common purpose and are dependent on one another to fulfill that purpose
  • Identify and share leadership and decision-making for the community
  • Establish group defined expectations and goals for all members within the group
  • Share responsibility for their “spaces” as defined by the community
  • Respect and support the individuality of every member within the community

The development of a strong community doesn’t happen overnight; but by taking steps to get to know the other members of your community, you can play a positive role in creating an ideal community. There are so many positive aspects of living in an environment that has a strong sense of community: neighbors watch out for each other, agree to maintain a certain quality of living, realize that the noise they create, and the way they take care of their surroundings impacts those living nearby. Neighbors in good communities are known for caring for each other’s property, plants, pets or mail when the owner is on vacation or is running late. These examples are representative of the type of community we are trying to build here on campus.