University Staff Employees

University Staff positions are categorized into ongoing, project or temporary.

University staff appointments are made with the expectation of continued employment after completion of the probationary period.

University Staff Project appointments are temporary appointments established for up-to four years; the need for these positions is project-based and there is an established probable end date for the position.

University staff temporary appointments mean an appointment of up to 1,040 hours within a twelve-month period; the need for the positions/duties is temporary in nature.

Key Information

Annual Performance Evaluations

Annual performance evaluations are a key component to employee performance and development. The objectives of annual performance evaluations are to provide employees and their supervisors an opportunity to discuss job performance, set goals, establish objectives for contributing to the department's mission, and discuss expectations and accomplishments. All wage adjustments are based upon satisfactory performance.

Complaints and Grievances

University Staff Complaint Procedure and Grievance Policy

The UW-Green Bay University Staff complaint procedure and grievance policy establish a dispute resolution process for university staff and members of the public. UW-Green Bay has developed a formal complaint procedure and grievance policy in accordance with Wis. Stat. § 36.115(4) and with UPS Operational Policy: GEN 14 and GEN 24.


Title Changes

Positions are grouped into job classifications to provide comparability of similar positions across units. Please refer to the Title Change Policy for specific information on what constitutes a title change or career progression and the processes for each of these changes.



The UW-Green Bay University Staff layoff procedures provide a framework for the process used in the event of layoff due to budget, or discontinuance, curtailment, modification, or redirection of a program. UW- Green Bay has developed formal layoff procedures in accordance with UPS Operational Policy: GEN 13.