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Human Development

Alumna Questionnaire: Paula

  1. What was your major and minor at UW-Green Bay, and in what year did you graduate? Do you have a graduate degree (MS/PhD), and, if so, in what field?

    Undergrad – major in human development and minor in psychology. Master’s degree in Community Human Services with specializations in counseling and administration

  2. What is your current job and how would you briefly describe what you do?

    Service Line Director for Prevea Health. I manage 6 clinic departments (Behavioral Care, OB/GYN, Maternal Fetal Medicine, GI, Infusion Therapy and the reception staff department), 15 physician practices and about 400 staff. I oversee all the critical functions that keep a clinical department running so the physicians and allied health providers (NP, PA, therapists, etc.) can take care of patients.

  3. How do you use your human development and/or psychology education in your current job? If you do not, please explain.

    I use all the skills I learned in school as I manage staff and patient needs. I am a planner, counselor, administrator, motivator and everything in between for my depts. I work closely with physicians as they develop their practices and make sure they have busy productive practices.

  4. Was this your first job upon graduation? If not, what was your first job?

    My first job after my masters was as a counselor/case manager for pregnant and parenting teenagers in a state funded program called Prenatal Care Coordination.

  5. What kinds of things did you do as a student (e.g., specific classes taken, independent studies, working with your advisor or career services, volunteer work, part-time jobs) that you believe made you successful in your job search and/or competitive as a job candidate? Is there anything you didn’t do, that you wish you had done?

    I believe all of my classes have been helpful in one context or another. The volunteer work and experiences I had during school were also very helpful in transitioning into the professional workforce. Internships were great as well

  6. What advice would you give to current UW-Green Bay human development and/or psychology students with regard to making the most of their education and making themselves maximally competitive for employment post-graduation?

    I would encourage the following:

    • volunteer work in your respective fields
    • a business/administrative class or two (be prepared to look into both for profit and nonprofit careers)
    • look at the upcoming job market to see what careers are understaffed – so that you are preparing for a career that is looking for workers
    • being bilingual is a tremendous advantage
    • consider going on to graduate school
    • find out where in the USA there are job openings for what you want to do and think about whether you are willing to move or not