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Overload Payments

The salary received by full-time Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees is considered to be full compensation for University activity during the period of appointment.  Professionals with appointments that are generally exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are expected to expend the total effort necessary to complete their assignments without additional compensation. There are instances when asking an employee to do more than his/her appointment requires is the only viable option and additional compensation is appropriate.  The UW-Green Bay Overload Payments Policy details these types of situations and necessary requirements for overload payments to be made.

In summary, approvals for all overload payments must be obtained from the chair/director, the Division Head and Area Leader (or designee) prior to the starting date of the overload service.  Overload compensation may not exceed the higher of either 20 percent (20%) of the employee's academic (c-basis/9 month) or annual (a-basis 12 month) base salary or $18,000.