Time & Absence Information

University Staff & Students

All University Staff and Student employees are paid bi-weekly and report their absences and time worked online in HRS which is accessed through the My UW Portal.

University Staff
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Student Employees
  • Webclock: This type of entry should be utilized for these employees who are able to punch "in" and "out" each work day.
  • Timesheet: This type of entry can be used when students are not able to immediately enter their time in HRS.  This entry allows students to login during the bi-weekly pay period and enter their "in" and "out" times for any given day during the pay period.
Paid time is automatically rounded based upon the HRS rules in Time and Labor
Punch Time in Minutes HRS Rounded Time- Hundredths
00 - 7.5 0
7.5 - 22.5 0.25
22.5-37.5 0.5
37.5 - 52.5 0.75
52.5 - 60 1
Reporting Instructions

Faculty, Academic Staff & Limited Employees

All Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited employees are paid on a monthly basis and report their absence usage online in HRS which is accessed through the My UW Portal

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