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Humanistic Studies

Kevin M. Kain

Kevin M. Kain
Senior Lecturer in Humanistic Studies (History)
SA 263
(920) 465-2180

Kevin M. Kain, a native of Wilmington, NC, is a Lecturer in the Humanistic Studies at UWGB. Broadly trained in European history, and influenced by substantial time spent studying in Europe, Kain takes cultural approaches to teaching and research which are interdisciplinary. Kain decided to become a historian as high school exchange student in Germany when he became fascinated with the medieval past and the study of foreign language. As an undergraduate history major at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and as a MA history student at Appalachian State University his interests in European history expanded to include the long nineteenth century. He combined these interests in his MA thesis "Nineteenth-Century German Historians Views on the Capture of Richard I of England." After a year of teaching courses in Western Civilization at UNC-Wilmington, Kain returned to graduate school seeking a doctoral degree from Western Michigan University. At the doctoral level he continued his studies of European cultural and intellectual history, rekindled an interest in gender history which was first sparked as an undergrad, and added a specialization in Russian history. His dissertation project "Patriarch Nikon's Image in Russian History and Culture" was supported by Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship and other grants and involved nearly a year intensive research conducted in more than thirty Russian archives, museums, galleries and national libraries. Before coming to UWGB, Kain taught courses in history and interdisciplinary studies at Texas A&M University, Texarkana. In addition to teaching surveys courses in Humanistic Studies, including Foundations of Western Culture and Introduction to the Humanities, Kain has taught upper level history courses on the "Women in Modern Europe," "Modern European Images of the Past" and "Central Asia and the Caucasus: Russian Frontiers Past and Present" and "Renaissance and Reformation."

Education: BA, History, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington (1990); MA, History, Appalachian State University (1995); Ph.D., History, Western Michigan University (2004)