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Past Recipients

Harold and Edna Bickford Memorial Scholarship

2019-2020: Elizabeth Wulff

2018-2019: Elizabeth Brinks
2017-2018: Allison Loderbauer
2016-2017: Heidi Satori
2015-2016: Taylor Navis
2014-2015: Samantha Molina

Coryl Crandall Memorial Scholarship

2019-2020: Lydia Downey and Jared Ramirez

2018-2019: Jordan Safranski
2017-2018: Anna Hoesley
2016-2017: Colleen McCluskey
2015-2016: Danielle Eder
2014-2015: Julia Rose Shariff
2013-2014: Benjamin O-Heran
2012-2013: Alicia Engstrom and Andrea Reisenauer
2011-2012: Michael Jacobs and Lindsay Kujawa
2010-2011: Saul Lemerond and Brooke Uhl
2009-2010: Nicole Opiela and Joshua Weishaar
2008-2009: Kasey Hembel
2007-2008: Robert Fish
2006-2007: Crystal Tejeda and Elizabeth Torbenson
2005-2006: Lindsay Hahn and Johanna Winters
2004-2005: Megan Eisch and Amy Williams
2003-2004: Natasha Botty and Erica Fuss
2002-2003: Michael Cepress and Rebecca Johnson

Thomas E. Daniels Memorial Scholarship

2019-2020: Savannah Schemenauer

2018-2019: Cheyenne Eastham
2017-2018: Emily Ahrens
2016-2017: Adriana Montejano
2015-2016: Samantha Molina
2014-2015: Abigail Tobias-Lauerman
2013-2014: Nicole Roth
2012-2013: Kaitlin Hobbs and Daniel Mueller
2011-2012: Katie Kordus and Nichole Rued
2010-2011: Megan Hischke and Joanna Mertz
2009-2010: Leah Korger and Saul Lemerond
2008-2009: Angela Fuerst and Christine Hillier
2007-2008: Erin Kunert and Michelle Skotzke
2006-2007: Ellen Cook and Denise Martin
2005-2006: Kristina Angell, Kristin Laabs, Matthew McMahon and Mary Steffel
2004-2005: Katherine Lautenbach and Angela Wix
2003-2004: Lisa Coutley, Casey Thayer and Scott Willems
2002-2003: Jennifer Loomis and Cassandra Mahder

Lise Lotte Gammeltoft Scholarship

2019-2020: Daniel Buckley

2018-2019: Megan Ellenbecker and Miriam Laird
2017-2018: Brigitta Kaiser and Brianna Messner
2016-2017: Emily Ahrens
2015-2016: Faith Lent
2014-2015: Tonie Bear
2013-2014: David Feld

Arnold Lelis Memorial Scholarship

2019-2020: Makayla Nelson

2018-2019: Michelle Haapala, Beth Siltala, and Emily Wolf

Eugene Cruz-Uribe Annual Memorial Scholarship

2019-2020: Preston Fischer