Chancellor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Meeting

Thursday, March 12, 2015

1965 Room, University Union

Members Present

Bryan Carr, (Info. and Computing Science), Michael Casbourne (TRIO), Stacie Christian, chair (Coordinator of Inclusive Excellence and Pride Center), Joanne Dolan (Information Processing Consult), Joanie Dovekas (Res Life), Scott Furlong (Dean, Lib. Arts & Sciences), Justin Mallett (Director of American Intercultural Center), Lynn Niemi (Disability Services), Sheryl Van Gruensven (HR), Jen Lanter (CATL), Subcommittee chairs: Kate Burns, Melissa Nash

Members Absent

Kim Desotell (Phuture Phoenix Director of Dev. Programming), Lorenzo Lones (student liaison), Sue Mattison (Dean, Prof. Studies), Nicole Miller (Human Dev. Academic Dept. Assoc.), Adam Parrillo (Urban & Reg. Studies), Grace Vecchie (Student liaison), Camara Wallace (Student liaison), Brenda Amenson-Hill (DOS), Forrest Brooks (Outreach and Adult Access), Minkyu Lee (Art & Design), Liz Peterson (Student liaison), Kimberley Reilly (Democracy and Justice Studies), Brian Wardle (Athletics).

Subcommittee Reports

Inclusivity in the Classroom: Kate Burns
They are looking for students in different majors for feedback. Joanie suggested using the RA’s for a focus group. The committee would like more information on why faculty is not attending certificate series. Possibly have heads of departments ask faculty the reason for not attending.  The BLOG through CATL is well read by faculty and might be a way to promote the Certificate Series.

Inclusive Workplace: Melissa Nash
The subcommittee last met on February 19th. A survey was sent out to new employees for feedback on what is helpful and what they would like to see. Resource groups were discussed on what the benefits are and how to start a new group, possibly start an Inclusive Excellence certificate resources group.

Student Mentorship: Brenda Amenson-Hill
Justin filled in for Brenda. The Student Mentorship committee will be meeting in March and will survey students to see what they are interested in. Maybe send a survey to employees to see who would like to be a mentor. Would transfer students like a mentor? Would student mentors get paid, be an intern, get credit? The fall will start the pilot.

Community Relationships: Justin Mallett
Identified 8 – 10 events in the community that the Chancellor should attend. Talking to Dwight Hancock from the Boy and Girls Club about bringing the group to the campus. Working on a panel with the Mayor and Chief of Police to assure the community on working together and procedures.

Spring 2015 Inclusive Equity Certificate programs: Stacie Christian
The Health Fair speaker, Mara Reisling will become a Certificate Series event. Suggestions to  send personal emails out prior to an event for larger turnout and BLOG through CATL. Justin Mallett did this and it was well accepted. Ideas for other certificate series events: students who are parents, Autism, Asperger Hmong, Learning Disabilities, what are the signs. Joanie suggested posters with definitions.
Next meeting is scheduled for April 9th 10am-11am in room 1965