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Strategic Planning Process

UW-Green Bay Council for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is committed to a vision of diversity that is broadly inclusive, warmly welcoming, and equitable in its treatment of all members of the campus community. Through engagement, reflection and action, we will be an institution committed to diversity in thought and practice moving beyond labels & categories that put up barriers and keep us fragmented.

Strategic Plan with Objectives Document
2020-2023 Goals

The following goals have been identified by the Council for action during the 2020-2023 planning period. Each goal is co-chaired by members of the Council, with a working group. These work groups have developed objective related to each goal. Should a campus community member desire to get involved in a work group or have any questions about any of the goals, they are encouraged to reach out to co-chairs as identified below:

Strategic Goal #1: Increase and enhance the recruitment and retention of a diverse of employee population at the UW- Green Bay.
Co-chairs: Mai Lo Lee, Melissa Nash, Jamie Schramm

Strategic Goal #2: Facilitate professional development on equity, diversity, and inclusion for staff and faculty.
Co-Chairs: Kris Vespia & J.P. Leary

Strategic Goal #3: Develop intentional programming, structured interactions with community partners, and curricular recommendations to support learning and growth around equity, diversity, and inclusion for current and future students.
Co-Chairs: Courtney Sherman & Melissa Schleicher

Strategic Goal #4: Increase the enrollment of under-represented learners at UW-Green Bay.
Co-chairs: Matt Dornbush & Susan Gallagher-Lepak

Strategic Goal #5: Reduce equity gaps in retention of racially minoritized and low-income degree and non-degree seeking students through research-based, data driven initiatives.
Co-chairs: Caroline Boswell, Darrel Renier, Vincent Lowery

Strategic Goal #6: Increase engagement with community members/groups in areas related to inclusivity and equity.
Co-chairs: Mike Alexander & Corey King

The steps to achievement of these goals will be identified by the work groups and documented through Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The overall strategic plan and KPIs will be living documents, and as such may be adjusted throughout the 2020-2023 period as required.