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Inclusivity in the Classroom

2015-2016 Members

Chair: Kate Burns Ph.D. 920-465-2427
Members: Kris Vespia, Regan Gurung, David Voelker, Adrianne Fletcher, Christin DePouw, Lynn Niemi, Emery Nelson (student), and Christian Parker (student).


Inclusivity needs to be a bigger part and more visible of what we do at UWGB by:
  • Including diverse classroom climate training for new faculty (CATL)
  • Roll out FUSION model (FNS and SWK) to more departments on campus
  • Faculty show evidence of how they maintain safe class rooms and reward this in merit and promotion documents
  • Create online/short quiz to be used for department meetings assessing diversity knowledge
  • Develop Inclusivity Booster Sessions
  • More conversations and cultural stories visible on campus
  • Increase multicultural artwork on campus
  • Have Residence life programming on culture so students lacking diversity are prepared for classroom


December 4, 2014 Minutes
February 5, 2015 Minutes

Status Reports