Community Relationship

2014-2015 Members

Chair: Justin Mallett Ph.D. 920-465-2021
Members:Nicole Miller,Kim Desotell,Denise Bartell, Alegra Fowler

The Community subgroup met on Thursday December 4, 2014 to have formal introductions and develop a series of accomplishable action plans for this academic school year. In our discussion, we were able to realize our strengths and how it can tie into the community. During our discussion, we were able to develop the following goal and action plan to accomplish goal:

Primary Goal: To develop a connection and visibility to local community

Action Plan:
  1. Develop a list of local community events and have a UW-Green Bay presence at these events
    1. Have representation from various IE committee members at the event
    2. Wear GB apparel to show where you are from
    3. Speak to key stakeholders at the event

Justin is going to work with Celestine Jefferies and other community members to develop a list of community events and have a calendar list of events that we will be able to put on the IE website and a physical copy so each member of the IE committee can have.
  1. Establish a strong relationship with regional youth advocacy groups
    1. Establish list of youth groups and make contact with key stakeholders
    2. Start process of inviting youth groups on campus so they can see the college campus
    3. Through youth advocacy groups, we can help with the enrollment piece that the chancellor has charged us with

Allegra and Justin have an established list of youth groups they have been working with and establishing relationships with. Their goal is to establish stronger relationships and start the process of bringing the groups on campus and get our students involved in helping with the visit days as well.
  1. Get students of color involved in the local community
    1. Leadership opportunities
    2. Mentorship opportunities

This plan also ties in with #2, but working collaboratively with the mentorship subgroup, we should be able to introduce our students of color to the local community and provide leadership and mentorship opportunities for the UW-Green Bay students.
  1. Establish a home link program for students

Home link is a program that would allow alumni and members of the local community to serve as host families for our international and minority students. This will allow a relationship to develop organically between a family within the local community and a UW-Green Bay student. Justin is currently working on this program and will be able to send out more details about the program before our next IE meeting.
  1. Create Cultural Festival event for UW-Green Bay

To replace the powwow, Justin is planning on creating a cultural festival that will take place in Spring 2016 at UW-Green Bay. This event will incorporate member of the local community and the campus community to share particular cultures and countries to everyone. Justin is currently attending planning committee meetings in Stevens Point and Marshfield to develop a blue print of what a Green Bay cultural festival will look like. Kim Desotell also suggested that we tie the cultural festival in with the 50th anniversary event taking place at UW-Green Bay. 
Our goal is to accomplish the first two action plan items first and then work on the other plans during the process as well.