IT News for Faculty & Staff

Password Reset Tool

IT encourages students and staff to use the Self-service Password Reset Tool to enroll in a new 'password reset' system. This allows users to unlock their account or reset their password without assistance from the helpdesk. Step-by-step instructions for using the self-service tool are found with our Knowledge base:

Kentico Training

Training is available for all faculty, staff, and students who wish to update their departmental websites. Web Services is converting sites daily to the new Kentico CMS. (Content Management System) Training has been scheduled for the next several weeks and more workshops will be added soon. View and schedule Training on the IT website.

Caution - Presentations in Class

Do students log into your instructor's machine to present a PowerPoint to the class? It is very important that faculty log out of the machine first; then allow each student to log in with their own campus account and\or Google Drive accounts. If you allow students to use their online accounts while you are logged in, it may give the student access to your login information including D2L and SIS information. 

Freshman - Google Docs

Many freshmen are coming to UWGB with little knowledge of Microsoft applications. Most have attended a "Google Suite" high school and used gmail for email. Students may continue to use Google accounts and apps for group projects, but faculty should encourage students to make use of the free license to Microsoft Office 2016 as an opportunity to learn the Office applications. Remind students that employers across many industries and fields expect job seekers to have Microsoft Office skills. It's probably the most universally utilized software in businesses around the globe. Making the switch from the Google Suite to Microsoft Office can sometimes be a bit disorienting; therefore, direct your students to has courses that focus on the migration from Google to Microsoft.

Migrating Google Docs to Word
Migrating Google Sheets to Excel

Switch from Google Suite to Office 365 (KB article)
Free Student License for Office 365  (KB article)

Protect Your Personal Data

Personal information is like money. Value it. Protect it.
Links in emails, social media posts and online advertising are often how cybercriminals try to steal your personal information. Even if you know the source, if something looks suspicious, delete it.
General Tips and Advice for Online Security Online Video Training

IT continues to see many faculty and staff at UW-Green Bay taking advantage of as a provider of online educational video courses. Some faculty are building their own playlists and assigning training as part of course content. Contact Pat Theyerl if you're interested in developing a playlist for your students.


Office 365 for Faculty and Staff

Office 365 is a collection of FREE software and services that faculty and staff at UW Green Bay are eligible to access as part of our campus agreement with Microsoft. Follow this link to download and install Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows and Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac on your personal computer.

Wireless - Choose 'eduroam'

Students, faculty, and staff should log on to the eduroam wireless network to gain encrypted wireless access to the Internet from their personal laptops or other devices. If you are traveling to an eduroam-enabled institution (100's of universities and colleges including all UW colleges), you can use your campus account credentials to connect to their eduroam wireless network.
It is important to remember that when you are prompted for your account name or user name to enter your entire email address:
Configurations for a variety of devices are available on the UknowIT knowledgebase.

UknowIT - Answers to Your Computer Questions

The IT knowledgebase is UWGB's online "One-Stop Shop" to find the answer to all of your campus technology questions! Please visit the next time you have a technology question.

Small Group Technical Training

Call (920 465-5015) or email Pat Theyerl for any training needs your department is looking for. Pat will work with you to find a convenient time and place for your department's specific needs. In the past, Pat has assisted members within a department with Kentico, One Drive and SharePoint training. Pat will also visit faculty classrooms and assist students with One Drive & SharePoint features or to demo how students might use to complement classroom material. Please send an IT Service Request to discuss your training needs with Pat.

Software Installs and Updates

Faculty and staff are allowed to install software applications to their computer via the campus Software Center. A popular application is Adobe Creative Cloud. Additional web browsers can also be installed from the Software Center. 

Users may occasionally notice the following message in the status bar of their PC. Software updates are critical to your PC being protected against viruses and malware. Updates will automatically take care of themselves, but users do have some options if they choose to control when these updates occur. Read more here.