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What is Duo?
Duo is a multi factor authentication system with an easy to use mobile app for your smart device. Time based tokens are also available.
What is Multi Factor Authentication?
Your password is your first authentication factor, it is something you know.  Duo is a second factor of authentication, it is something you have.
Why Duo?
Multi Factor authentication is required by UW System procedure 1030.A Authentication to access systems with high risk data.
What is high risk data?
High risk data is defined in UW System procedure 1031.A Data Classification
Do I need Duo?  I already have a Token for HRS or SFS.
Yes.  UWGB is protecting our high risk systems with Duo.  Once we have Duo completely rolled out for our systems we will transition HRS, SFS, etc to our Duo.
Does everyone need to enroll in Duo?
Eventually all faculty and staff will need to be enrolled in and use Duo as we will be protecting our email system with multi factor authentication.  At this time we are not requiring students to use Duo.
I am a remote employee and can't visit the help desk, how do I enroll?
The help desk has a process to remotely identity proof you through a video chat and if necessary can mail you a token.
I'm not teaching a class this semester, do I need to enroll in Duo?
Not immediately, you don't need to enroll in Duo until you need to access SIS.  You will need to enroll in Duo before email and Office 365 are Duo enabled.
Do the branch campus faculty and staff need to enroll in Duo?
Eventually yes.  Most branch campus users won't need to access SIS until later this spring.  ITD will be visiting the branches to enroll users.
Could having the Duo app on my personal smart device make my smart device subject to an open records request?
No. The Duo app does not create any record on your device.
Does the Duo app use a lot of data or take up a lot of space on my smart device?
No.  The Duo app is quite small, less than 0.02GB, and the app can be used in a way that uses no data.  The app can generate a time based code just like a token.  If you choose to do a Duo push authentication a small amount of data is used.
How often will I need to authenticate with Duo?
Once every 12 hours per application.  If you access the application from a different browser or computer, you will need to Duo authenticate again.
Why don't we just Duo authenticate when we log into our computer?
Because some of our high risk systems, like SIS, are available to off campus users using personally owned devices, we must require Duo authentication when you access the application.
What happens if I forget my phone or token?
Call the help desk, they can provide you with temporary codes.
What if I lost my smart device or Token?
Treat it like you lost your password, contact the help desk immediately so we can deactivate the device or token.  The help desk will also assist you in getting a new smart device setup or a replacement token.
What if I get a new smart device?
Contact the help desk, they can help you get the new device enrolled.
Can I enroll my smart device and also get a token?
At this time we are enrolling one or the other, not both.
Can I enroll multiple smart devices?
Not at this time, we may allow multiple devices in the future.
Why do I need to identity proof when I enroll in Duo?
We need to verify who you are and your relationship with the University.
How do I enroll in Duo?
Complete this Qualtrics survey and the help desk will start the enrollment process for you!
When will email be protected by Duo?
By the end of the 2019