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Duo Project

Why Duo?

Duo is a multi-factor application used to secure our campus high-risk data. Securing our high-risk data is now UW Policy. Our campus will begin using Duo with the Student Information System. Users that have access to SIS high-risk data must enroll in Duo by the February 12, 2019 deadline. After this date, users not enrolled will not have access to SIS.

How Does Duo Work?

Much like online banking and credit card companies, your identity is being checked with a 2nd layer of security. Most common is a code sent to your smartphone.

Supported Devices

The most convenient and reliable device is your personal smartphone. If you don't use a smartphone, the university will issue you a hardware token. 

Smartphone is Best

By far, the smartphone is the easiest device to enroll and use. Most of us have our smartphone readily available, it isn't something we usually "forget" to carry. There are no data charges incurred with using the Duo app on your phone. (unless you use the "Push Method" to generate a code.) There is no cost to you or the university to use your Smartphone. 

The Other Choice...

The hardware token will be issued if you don't have a Smartphone, or decline to use it. The disadvantage of using a hardware token is 2-fold: it is another device you will have to keep track of and there is a cost to the university in issuing the hardware token.

The Future with Duo

The Student Information System is the first application that will utilize Duo. In the future, other applications like ImageNow, Point & Click, Sale Force and ultimately our Office applications including Outlook will use Duo for multi-factor authentication.