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Release of SEVIS Record

International students in the United States on either an F-1 or J-1 visa have an immigration record in an electronic database known as SEVIS. Only one US educational institution at a time has access to your SEVIS record. If you have been studying at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay or participating in OPT recommended by OIE, and plan to attend a different institution, your SEVIS record must be released by the OIE to the new institution. After the release date, the new institution will be able to make you a new I-20.

Procedures for releasing your SEVIS record

  1. Fill out the SEVIS Release Form
  2. Attach an admission letter and a transfer in form for the new educational institution
  3. Turn the form and attached documents into the Office of International Education. Please wait 5 business days to have your form processed. The Office of International Education staff will notify you when your record has been released.