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Once you are placed and accepted to a host university, you will meet with your academic advisor(s) to complete an Academic Advising Agreement identifying placement of courses taken on exchange in the UW-Green Bay academic plan.

All courses taken on exchange are graded and count toward the UW-Green Bay grade point average (GPA). Courses completed while on exchange are counted as resident UW-Green Bay credit. Course catalogs or syllabi are found on the individual university website, found from the main NSE website.

If universities use the quarter system, please refer to the chart below for credit conversions back to UW-Green Bay. You are required to take a minimum of 18 credit per quarter (or 14 credits and a 3 credit online course at UWGB).  Winter and spring quarters count together as the spring semester at UWGB. 
Quarter Credit Semester Credit at UWGB
14 9.33
15 10
16 10.66
17 11.33
18 12
19 12.66
20 13.33
21 14
22 14.66
23 15.33
Each Additional Credit Add .66