Plan A
  • Under this plan, students pay the in-state (resident) tuition and fees directly to the host institutions. UW-Green Bay does not participate in Plan A, therefore outgoing UW-Green Bay students must participate in Plan B.
Plan B
  • Under this plan, students pay normal tuition and fees to the home institution (UW-Green Bay) while exchanging elsewhere (Note: students who currently pay non-resident tuition at UW-Green Bay would continue to do so while on exchange).

Placement at Host Schools:

Students are placed once a year at an annual conference (late applications for spring semester are possible). Contact the OIE to review all of your placement options before beginning an application.

Schools are listed on their “Campus Profiles” on the website as follows:

  • Excellent or Good: Will accept all or most qualified applicants
  • Competitive: Will accept a few more incoming students than the number of their outgoing applicants who are placed
  • Very competitive: Campuses will accept students only from those campuses at which their own students are placed
When selecting the campuses you want to apply to, keep in mind that you can have 3-4 back-up choices in case your first choice is a Competitive or Very Competitive school.  The OIE recommends that you have an Excellent ot Good school choice as your 2nd or 3rd option.