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Participation in the National Student Exchange is a privilege, not a right. Listed below are the requirements for participation:
  • Completed at least one term at UW-Green Bay immediately preceding exchange
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (some locations have a higher GPA requirement)
  • Good academic standing
  • No current or pending probationary status
  • No outstanding financial obligations to UW-Green Bay
  • No current or pending disciplinary action for violation of codes of student conduct
  • Must not be on probation, parole, or have any pending legal judgments
Students applying for placement in Montreal or Puerto Rico must meet minimum language fluency requirements. 

GPA and other eligibilty will be verified at time of application and at the end of the semester preceding your exchange.  You may be withdrawn from the program or asked to find a different placement if eligibility if not met. 

You may spend up to a year (2 semesters total) at one NSE location.