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UWGB in China


Summer courses are often an avenue for students to continue study toward a U.S. degree, obtain additional certificates, or fulfill requirements outside of the traditional school year.  UW-Green Bay’s rigorous Summer in China program is taught by highly qualified faculty committed to helping students achieve success.

If you are poised to climb to new heights and soar to success, your time is now!  Applications are open for UW-Green Bay’s 5-week summer program in Shanghai, China.  

Summer Session 2021

June 21 – July 16, 2021


Course list:

Course Code Course Name
ACCTG 201 Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCTG 202 Principles Managerial Accounting
BUS ADM 305 Legal Environment of Business
ECON 202 Macro Economic Analysis
MKTG 322 Principles of Marketing
MGMT 389 Organizational Behavior
FIN 343 Corporation Finance
ECON 330 Money and Banking
PHILOS 227 Business Ethics
MUSIC 121 Survey of Western Music
ART 102 History of the Visual Arts: Ancient to Medieval
PSYCH 102 Introduction to Psychology
PHILOS 101 Introduction to Philosophy
HISTORY 205 American History to 1865
WF 100 First Year Writing
HUM STUD 101 Foundations of Western Culture I
COMM 133 Fundamentals of Public Address
ECON 203 Micro Economic Analysis
ECON 310 Introduction to Econometrics
BIOLOGY 201 Principles Bio: Cell/Molecular
BIOLOGY 202 Principles of Biology Lab: Cellular and Molecular Processes
ENV SCI 102 Introduction to Environmental Sciences
MATH 320 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
MATH 203 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
MATH 209 Multivariate Calculus
MATH 260 Introductory Statistics
MATH 360 Theory of Probability
COMP SCI 256 Introduction to Software Design