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If you are interested in personal training please see the Information page and contact the Kress.


Fitness, nutrition, and health are some of my greatest passions in life. I love what I do! The opportunity to share my passions with someone while helping them reach new levels of fitness is truly amazing. More>>


Growing up, I’ve always been passionate about being active. I spent my high school years trying every sport possible, while playing softball and tennis year round. More>>


I know I’m not the best and I know in some cases I will never be the best at something, but I do know that if I put in the work, I can be the best version of myself! And the same goes for you, but you have to work for it. More>>


I believe that with physical well-being you can obtain a positive mental outlook on life. No matter how unbearable my day feels, once I clear my head with a workout I feel rejuvenated. More>>

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