The White Flag of Surrender
September 13th – October 10th, 2001

David Dunlap and Travis Freeman presented a misinformed version of a teahouse in which a conversation about surrender takes place. Dunlap and Freeman attempted the impossible task of sharing a powerful and personal conversation. Under a white flag of surrender, within an orange teahouse, the conversation took the form of drawings, paintings, found objects, photographs, suits of clothing and books. Imagine a conversation between two people. Imagine that this conversation is so honest that each participant glimpses the other's soul. Imagine that each of these souls is so beautiful that the two conversationist's lives are forever changed. Imagine these two people wanted to share their experience and to that end built a teahouse. Imagine this teahouse a cross section cut from a conversation between a fool and a wonderer who found magic, love, spirit and delight simply by deciding not to lie.
David Dunlap is a Professor of Art in the Dept. of Art & Art History at the University of Iowa, Iowa City. Travis Freeman is an Elementary School Art Teacher.



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