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Learning Communities

Citizenship & Service Community

The Citizenship & Service Learning Community is a terrific opportunity to learn more about diversity, apply what you're learning in real-world settings, and help children in our local community. It will be one of the most meaningful learning experiences you'll have in college, and will provide you with valuable experiences to add to your resume!

The objectives of this Learning Community are to provide sophomores with an opportunity to explore the questions:

  1. What does it mean to be a member of a diverse community?
  2. How does learning about others effect how I understand myself?
  3. How can we build community involvement and support youth in our society?
  4. How can I apply what I'm learning at UWGB to help my career development?

Participation in the Learning Community involves being enrolled in two courses for fall 2014:

  • HUS 213 - Ethnic Diversity and Human Values (Instructor: Vince Lowery)
  • EDUC 295 - Special Topics / Phuture Phoenix Fieldwork (Instructor: Kim Desotell)

In these courses you will often meet with both instructors, the content will overlap (e.g., you will use the content in HUS 213 to inform your discussion of the issues facing students in local high-need schools), and you will have the opportunity to participate in special guest lectures, coffee shop discussions, and other events designed to help you apply what you're learning to understand the complex issues of diverse communities and citizenship.

What the Instructors Say

"When I think about my own college experience, the first educational experiences that come to mind are those courses in which I had the opportunity to work closely with faculty and classmates on community-related matters. I developed important relationships that contributed to my learning but also impacted me personally. We shared our individual perspectives in a way that expanded my own and thought about the subjects in relevant ways. I found the whole college experience far more rewarding after those experiences, as I thought about my own relationship with faculty and classmates and the applications of my knowledge in new ways. I love the fact that the Sophomore Learning Experience gives me the opportunity to be on the other side of that dynamic at UWGB. Yet the experience here is even better, because it then sends everyone out into the community to apply that knowledge in very practical and impactful ways. I'm thrilled to be working with Professors Bartell and Desotell on this project, and I look forward to working with you!"
“This is a great opportunity to learn about yourself, stretch boundaries and become a part of a learning community to contribute to your success at UWGB! We want you to be a part of this high impact learning environment.”

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