The Learning Center


Meet the Staff

The Learning Center Director

Sherri Arendt

Office: CL 204F, (Plaza Level Cofrin Library within the Library Commons)
Phone: (920) 465-2710

Receptionists/Front Desk

Carter Crowley

Hello! I am Carter Crowley and I am a freshman at UWGB. I am from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin which is about an hour and a half away. I am planning to major in Psychology with a mental health emphasis and I hope to one day become a Clinical Psychologist. Some of my interests include traveling and photography. I hope to join lots of clubs and meet many new friends and I look forward to my first semester here at UWGB! Stop on by and I’ll be happy to help you at The Learning Center!

Emily Ellenbecker

Hi, my name is Emily Ellenbecker and I’m a sophomore at UWGB! I’m from Cascade, Wisconsin, which is about an hour and a half south of Green Bay. I’m pursuing a major in Elementary Education along with a minor in Spanish! I love working with kids, and I hope to be a first grade teacher in the future. In my free time, I love visiting museums, participating in reenactments/living history events, drawing, and meeting new people. Stop by The Learning Center to say hi! I’d love to meet you and help however I can!

Emily Fritsch

Hello, My name is Emily Fritsch! I am a Senior at UWGB and I am excited to help schedule appointments for anyone that comes to visit me at the front desk! I am from Kiel, Wisconsin, about an hour south of Green Bay! I will be graduating with a major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources and a minor in Human Development! After receiving my degree I hope to work for a company that is passionate about their products and takes the extra mile to know their employees.   I enjoy reading, watching Grey's anatomy or Netflix, spending time with my fiance, and hanging out with friends and family! I will miss being a student and student employee on-campus! I have worked for the TLC since I was a freshmen and have been blessed to continue throughout all my education. I look forward to this semester and hope to see you at the Learning Center!

Anahy Lopez
Hi! My name is Anahy Lopez and I am a sophomore here at UWGB. I was born and raised in the Green Bay area so I had no trouble making the decision to attend this university. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education with a minor in ESL/Bilingual studies. Upon graduation I hope to pursue a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, with the long term goal of becoming a principal or school administrator. On campus I am part of the Psi Theta Nu sorority, a university student ambassador, and a few other different orgs. Off campus, I enjoy spending time outdoors, exploring nature, drawing or painting, or playing some music. This will be my first semester as a receptionist at the Learning Center, and I am very excited to meet you all. I encourage you all to stop by at the front desk to ask any questions, book appointments, or just to say hello, see you soon!

Rachel Malcore

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a junior here at UWGB! I am from the small town of Brussels in Door County, Wisconsin. I am majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Biology, and I am pursuing the Certificate in Sustainability. Outside of class, I enjoy hiking, camping, or finding a place to relax in my hammock. I also work as a student assistant for the Environmental Management and Business Institute on campus. This will be my first semester at the Learning Center, and I look forward to meeting you all at the front desk!


Academic Mentors

Juan Albis​

Hello! My name is Juan Albis, I’m from Bolivia and I’m majoring in Computer Science and Information Sciences; also, I’m doing a minor in Math. Furthermore, I’m trying to finish my studies as fast as possible, so I’ve done at least 15 credits per semester, and so far, I have been doing great in all my classes. Moreover, I like helping students understanding the subject, so I am looking forward to helping anyone with any questions related to Math

Billy Arps

Hello, my name is Billy Arps. I am a Human Bio Major with an emphasis in health science. I am a junior and this is my second year in Green Bay, as I transferred here after my freshman year from Carroll University. You can find me spending my free time following and playing sports, with baseball, basketball, and golf being my favorites. I am also one to study often since I love to learn as much as I can about science, specifically biology! I look forward to sharing my passion with you, and together we can attempt to learn as much as possible. See you soon!

Xabier Carneiro

My name is Xabier Carneiro, I am a sophomore international student from Spain here at UWGB. My major is Mechanical Engineering Technology, and my minor is German. I also swim in the swim team, but I like sports in general. Especially soccer and motorsports. I am sociable and always happy to help people with spanish! 

Cade Colbeth

Hey GB, I’m Cade Colbeth. Some people might recognize me as the long, blonde haired guy that skates around campus a lot, or as a “bartender” at the Applebees close to campus. Now that you have a face for the name, I’m a Computer Science major going into my 3rd year here at GB. Originally I’m from a small town called Somerset from the other side of the state, where I lived on a farm and was the youngest of four. This will be my first year mentoring and I’m excited to be able to share in the achievements and struggles that Computer Science brings all of us. Outside of work and school, I’m a nerd. I play a lot a video games (PC, sorry console gamers) so if you also want another Steam friend, just let me know!

Stephen Cole
Hello, I am Stephen Cole! I am born and raised from Green Bay with spending a few years in Milwaukee as well. I am a junior in the new Mechanical Engineer program at UWGB. Beyond enjoying the occasional video game and reading a nice book, I love tackling difficult puzzles and assisting others when I can. Please feel free to stop in if you need help, I am sure I will find a way that will assist you in the Learning Center!
Rita Ebbott

Hello, my name is Rita Ebbott. I am working towards the Organizational Leadership Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in Business, Public Policy and Non-Profit. I earned my AAS with Honors in 1993 from UW-Waukesha. I began student tutoring many years ago while attending UWW. I enjoy learning and sharing what I learn with others through tutoring, teaching, and volunteering. I am locally involved with several non-profit organizations, including the Center for Avian/Animal Education and Rehabilitation, where I assist the owners in many areas of the organization, including fostering rescue dogs and several exotic birds. When not volunteering, I enjoy biking, reading, and occasionally watching BBC America. I am looking forward to the start of classes and another great year of learning and tutoring at UW-Green Bay.

Jillian Eilers

Hello! My name is Jillian Eilers. I am a psychology major. I am a senior at UWGB and transferred here in the spring of 2018. I attended Indiana State University and Rock Valley College before transferring here. I am from Winnebago, Illinois. I am tutoring and TAing Biology 203 this semester. I look forward to tutoring different students this semester and helping them achieve their academic goals.

Lillian Foxcroft

Hello fellow students! As you can see, my name is Lillian, but I often go by Lilly. I am currently in my fifth year here at UWGB where I am working hard to obtain my teaching license. My relationship with the Learning Center started during my freshman year when I sought out help for a calculus class. Fortunately, I have come a long way since then, both academically and individually, and I am now in a position to help others who may be struggling with their math classes—just as I was not too long ago. I have worked with the Learning Center for three years and the experience has been rewarding for me because every success shared with my tutees has reassured me of my choice to pursue a teaching career. Please feel free to come visit me with any math related questions and I will try my best to explain or even ponder them with you. Together we can prepare for tests, persevere through math problems, and plan for a successful semester.

Ben Gilles
I am going to be a junior this coming 2019 fall semester.  I am a human biology major with a chemistry minor, and I pursuing to become a dentist.  One of my main hobbies is playing golf, and I am currently on the Men’s Golf team at UWGB.  Additionally, I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, and working out.  I enjoy working with people, and I will do my best to assist a student with a difficult subject.  My goal is to incorporate efficient study methods that will allow a student to succeed and learn new ways to conquer challenging material.  Courses, such as anatomy and genetics, can cause severe anxiety among college students, but with certain methods, any student can succeed.  I look forward to working with you!


Mackenzie Hemauer

Hi there! My name is Mackenzie Hemauer and I’m a senior here at UWGB. I’m majoring in Human Biology with an Emphasis in Health Sciences while minoring in Spanish and Latin  American studies. I’ve applied to both Medical and PA school with hopes of practicing medicine after graduation. I love learning, but most importantly, love teaching the things I’ve learned from my classes throughout my time in school here. I’d love to be your tutor/mentor this year!

Erica Kinnard

 Hello, my name is Erica and I am a sophomore here at UW Green Bay. I am studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing to become a Data Analyst in Agribusiness Marketing. I am originally from Menomonie, WI, where I was a fourth generation beef farmer on my family’s farm. This year I will be tutoring students in Business Statistics and Macroeconomics. I am extremely excited to meet other students and help them better understand the material that these courses cover. Outside of class, I enjoy showing cattle, riding horse, running, fishing, and working on DIY projects. Good luck in all of your studies this year!

Krystal Krimmel
Hello! My name is Krystal Krimmel. I’m from the small town of Waldo, Wisconsin (Yes, I know “Where Waldo” is). When I’m not studying, you can most likely catch me at any basketball game in the UWGB Pep Band. I’m double majoring in Business Administration, with an emphasis in both Management and Finance, and Accounting. I’m going to be mentoring for Accounting and Business classes this semester, both in person and online. I’m excited to help you all out! Any questions, don’t hesitate to stop by The Learning Center and ask! I hope you all have a great semester, and I look forward to meeting everyone.

Sara Kroneck
 I am a senior majoring in human biology and minoring in chemistry. I plan to attend dental school next year to become an orthodontist. When I am not studying, I am either working on my family’s local produce farm or teaching violin lessons. This is my first year tutoring at UWGB, but I tutored for two years at UW Sheboygan before transferring to Green Bay.
Jan-Marie Matthysse

Hello, my name is Jan-Marie Matthysse. I am a Senior at UWGB. I am majoring in Organizational Communications and minoring in Business.  I am a mentor at The Learning Center and I hope that I can help other students obtain a better grasp with their studies.  My goal this semester is to provide other students with the necessary information for them to succeed in their courses.  I plan to accomplish this goal by providing a safe place for them to ask questions and practice their knowledge outside of the classroom.  Outside of tutoring I enjoy; reading, watching movies, spending time with my family and the outdoors. I hope to see you at The Learning Center!

Sydney Miller
Hello, my name is Sydney and I will be sophomore at UWGB, and I am majoring in political science! I am from the small town of Hartford, Wisconsin. In my free time I love to draw, go on adventures, play with my two adorable dogs (they are shelties) and try new things. Another passion of mine is to help out others so if you need help in any subject don’t be shy, I love to meet new people!

Esther Nalukwago

Hello!  My name is Esther Nalukwago, I am an international student at Uwgb. I am from Uganda which is in East Africa. I haven’t visited home since I moved to Wisconsin, I guess because I like Wisconsin so far and the people are hospitable. I am looking forward to joining the New Nursing program at Uwgb in the Fall. I like to deal with challenges and make friends. I hope to see you soon at the Learning Center.

Alexandra (Sasha) Oosting

 Hello! My name is Sasha Oosting, and I graduated from UWGB as a human bio major. I am from Manitowoc, and I commute from there up to UWGB. I took a gap year and am currently in the process of applying to medical schools, and I'll be a mentor for the 2019-2020 academic year. I also work with Joe Schoenebeck down in lab sciences, so you may see me around there. I was a teaching assistant for anatomy and physiology and I'm so excited to start mentoring more classes this semester! In my free time I love running, weight lifting, golfing, and something you wouldn't know just by looking at me is that I love PC gaming. 

Shawn Riedesel

Hi, my name is Shawn Riedesel. I am a chemistry major with an ACS emphasis here at UWGB. I am a Junior and I transferred to UWGB in the fall of 2018. I attended Normandale community college and MSU Bozeman before coming here. I hope to have a career in chemical synthesis and research after graduation. I look forward to helping students succeed and broaden their understanding of their classes.

Nicholas Rouse

 Hello! My name is Nicholas Rouse and I am a Junior at UWGB seeking a degree in Computer Science. I'm fluent in quite a few coding languages, from Java to C# to Python, with Python being my favorite. I currently maintain a 4.0 GPA, plan to graduate in the Spring of 2021, and hope to one day work with machine learning. The main class I'm tutoring this semester is MATH 100, but I can also help with many other math related classes, especially Introduction to Statistics and Discrete Mathematics. I look forward to helping you all excel this semester.

Lauren Russell

 Hello! My name is Lauren Russell and I will be a sophomore at UWGB this year.  Currently I am pursuing a degree in human biology with an emphasis in health science.  When I’m not studying, I enjoy spending time with my friends and reading.  Last year I used The Learning Center for a few of my classes and it helped a lot!  This year I’m looking forward to helping people with their own classes and going over any questions they might have on the material. 

Samuel Ryan

Hi, my name is Sam Ryan and I'm a junior here at UWGB. I'm majoring in Human Biology and German, and am planning on attending grad school in hopes to become a Physical therapist after all of my schooling. I'm from Mukwonago, Wisconsin, 2.5 hours away from Green Bay. I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, trombone in jazz band, video games, and going out to eat with friends. I'll be a German language tutor this semester, and enjoy sharing all of my knowledge with those eager to learn. Feel free to contact me from the Learning Center, and I'll be happy to assist in your classes. Go Phoenix!

Caleb Sawyer
 Hi there! My name is Caleb, and I'm a transfer student in my senior year. I study Computer Science with a dual emphasis in Software Engineering and Information Assurance, and my minor is Mathematics. You can find me for help with any of my areas of study! I grew up and attended high school in Campbellsport, WI but have been living in Green Bay since 2017. As for my hobbies, I love the outdoors, board games, and ultimately exploring new things. Looking forward to meeting you!​
Savannah Schemenauer

Hi, my name is Savannah. I am a sophomore at UWGB and I am majoring in psychology and German. When I grow up, I would like to be a psychologist. This is my second semester as a tutor for TLC and I will be helping out with Comm Sci 205, Geoscience 222 & German. If you have any questions about these courses, I would be happy to help!

Jordan Sisel

Hello! my name is Jordan, and I'm a senior here at UWGB originally from the small town of Mishicot, WI> I am majoring in Music with an emphasis in Choral Music and minoring in Education. I will be tutoring for the Music Theory courses. In addition to studying to become a choir/vocal teacher, I also participate in a few clubs on campus.  I currently am one of the co-leaders for UWGB's chapter of the Collegiate National Association for Music Education, and I also play percussion with the UWGB Pep Band. In my free time, I honestly find joy in just playing piano or singing, but I can also be found at your local coffee shop drinking a mocha or watching reruns of Chopped on Food Network. This is my secong semester working with the Learning Center, and I can't wait to help everyone develop as much of a love for how music works as I do! Have a great semester everyone, and good luck!

Erinn Stockhausen

Hello, my name is Erinn Stockhausen. I am a senior at UWGB pursuing a major in Human Biology with an emphasis in Health Science and a minor in Chemistry.  I am from West Bend, WI and in my free time I enjoy hiking and biking outdoors (when the weather allows it). After I graduate, I hope to enter pharmacy school to become a clinical pharmacist. I love science classes and I am excited to start helping students learn about science and develop their knowledge, so please feel free to stop by and ask me any questions.

Micalah Taylor

Hi, I'm Micalah and I'm originally from East Troy, WI. This is my first year at UWGB and I am very excited about what the year will bring! I enjoy doing Algebra and am eager about helping out any fellow students with any questions they may have, so don't hesitate to ask! Currently I am undecided on what I'm going to major in, but I'm a creative person, so I am thinking about majoring in Graphic Design. During my free time, I enjoy writing, drawing, photography, reading, hanging out with friends, or just relaxing. I can't wait to meet you all and hope the best for your education!

Kayla Vrieze

Hello, my name is Kayla and I am a senior here at UW Green Bay in my last semester. I am studying Human Biology with an emphasis in Exercise Science to become an occupational therapist. I am originally from Rice Lake, a small town in northwest Wisconsin. This is my thrid year as a mentor at the Learning Center and I will be mentoring Chemistry 211 & 212, Biology 201, Anatomy and Physiology, Human Physiology, Human Genetics, and some Physics 103. I am very excited to help students understand the material and succeed in these classes. In addition to spending time in class and mentoring, I love working out, running, skiing, backpacking, traveling and playing volleyball! I can't wait to meet you and assist you in your studies. Best of luck for this year!

Aaron Wellhoefer
Hello, my name is Aaron Wellhoefer. I am a junior majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Education. I grew up in Cecil on a family dairy farm. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my wife and kids. I am pursuing to be a middle school math teacher in the near future. Math can be exciting and very challenging at times, and we are here to help anyone through those times. I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your math studies.