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The Learning Center


Meet the Staff

The Learning Center Director

Sherri Arendt

Phone: (920) 465-2710

Receptionists/Front Desk

Carter Crowley

Hello! I am Carter Crowley and I am a junior at UWGB. I am from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin which is about an hour and a half away from campus. I am majoring in psychology and I aspire to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Some of my interests include traveling, photography and watching lots of reality TV shows. Contact us and I’ll be happy to help you at The Learning Center!

Emily Ellenbecker
Hi, my name is Emily Ellenbecker and I’m a senior at UWGB! I’m from Cascade, Wisconsin, which is about an hour and a half south of Green Bay. I’m pursuing a major in Elementary Education along with a minor in Spanish. I am excited to start student teaching during the spring semester, however education looks by then! I love working with kids, and I hope to be a kindergarten teacher in the future. Outside of TLC, you can find me serving with UWGB's Cru, volunteering in local elementary schools, or working with kids at Freedom House. In my free time, I love visiting museums, doing calligraphy, and meeting new people. Contact The Learning Center to say hi! I’d love to meet you and help however I can.


Anahy Lopez

Hi! My name is Anahy Lopez and I am a sophomore here at UWGB. I was born and raised in the Green Bay area so I had no trouble making the decision to attend this university. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education with a minor in ESL/Bilingual studies. Upon graduation I hope to pursue a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, with the long term goal of becoming a principal or school administrator. On campus, I am part of the Psi Theta Nu sorority, a University Student Ambassador, and a few other different orgs. Off campus, I enjoy spending time exploring nature, drawing or painting, or attending music festivals. I encourage you all to stop by at the front desk to ask any questions, book appointments, or just to say hello, see you soon!

Rachel Malcore

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a senior here at UWGB! I am from the small town of Brussels in Door County, Wisconsin. I am majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Biology, and I am pursuing the Certificate in Sustainability. Outside of class, I enjoy hiking, camping, or finding a place to relax in my hammock. I also work as a student assistant for the Environmental Management and Business Institute on campus. This will be my third semester at the Learning Center front desk and my first semester as an environmental science tutor. I look forward to hearing from you and helping at The Learning Center! 

Savannah Schemenaur

Hi, my name is Savannah Schemenauer and I am a junior at UWGB. I am majoring in psychology and German and I hope to go to graduate school in Germany for clinical psychology. I am a front desk attendant and a German tutor this semester. In my free time I like to go kayaking, hiking, and play tennis. I am also a gymnastics coach at the downtown YMCA. I look forward to helping you in the Learning Center! 

Academic Mentors

Juan Albis​

Hello! My name is Juan Albis, I’m from Bolivia and I’m majoring in Computer Science and Information Sciences; also, I’m doing a minor in Math. Furthermore, I’m trying to finish my studies as fast as possible, so I’ve done at least 15 credits per semester, and so far, I have been doing great in all my classes. Moreover, I like helping students understanding the subject, so I am looking forward to helping anyone with any questions related to Math.

Billy Arps

Hello, my name is Billy Arps. I am a Human Bio Major with an emphasis in health science. I am a junior and this is my second year in Green Bay, as I transferred here after my freshman year from Carroll University. You can find me spending my free time following and playing sports, with baseball, basketball, and golf being my favorites. I am also one to study often since I love to learn as much as I can about science, specifically biology! I look forward to sharing my passion with you, and together we can attempt to learn as much as possible. See you soon!

Cade Colbeth

Hey GB, I’m Cade Colbeth. Some people might recognize me as the long, blonde haired guy that is sometimes skating around campus, or you might see me behind the desk at the GAC Lab. Now that you have a face for the name, I’m a Computer Science major going into my 3rd year here at GB. Originally I’m from a small town called Somerset from the other side of the state where I lived on a farm and was the youngest of four. This is my second semester mentoring and I’m excited to be able to help anyone with their Computer Science problems. Outside of work and school, I’m a nerd. I play a lot a video games, right now StarCraft and Rocket League are my go-to games. If you need some Comp. Sci help, you know where to find me! 

Stephen Cole
Hello, I am Stephen Cole! I am born and raised from Green Bay with spending a few years in Milwaukee as well. I am a senior in the new Mechanical Engineer program at UWGB. Beyond enjoying the occasional video game and reading a nice book, I love tackling difficult puzzles and assisting others when I can. Please feel free to stop in if you need help, I am sure I will find a way that will assist you in the Learning Center!
Brooke  Bonnell (DeGoey)
Hello! My name is Brooke DeGoey and I am in my 3rd year at UWGB. I am studying K-12 Choral/General Music Education. As much as us music students love our classes. We all know that music theory cause stress! I am here to help! Feel free to come to me with any questions to have!
Rita Ebbott

Hello, my name is Rita Ebbott. I am majoring in Organizational Leadership with a dual emphasis in Business, and Public Policy/Non-Profit. In 1993, I began student tutoring and earned my AAS with Honors while attending UW-Waukesha. I enjoy learning and sharing what I learn with others through tutoring, teaching, and volunteering. I am locally involved with several non-profit organizations, including the Center for Avian/Animal Education and Rehabilitation, where I assist the owners in many areas of the organization, including fostering rescue dogs and exotic birds. When not volunteering, I enjoy biking, reading, and watching PBS and BBC America. I am looking forward to the start of classes and another great semester of learning and tutoring at UW-Green Bay. 

Steffi Farrey

Hello! My name is Steffi Farrey and I am an Environmental Policy & Planning major with an emphasis in Planning. When I am not studying, I love to hike and spend time outdoors. I enjoy writing and have been published in two school literary journals as well as a national honors society journal. I am also a proud 4-H Alumni and volunteer as a 4-H Leader in my home county. I’m looking forward to another semester and I hope to work with you soon!!

Nate Giese

Hi, my name is Nate Giese and I am a junior at UWGB. I spent the first two years of my college career at Michigan Tech with the goal of becoming an electrical engineer but have since switched to pursuing a math degree. My plan is to become a high school teacher. I look forward to helping out with classes that I have taken and may be teaching in a few years.

Ben Gilles
I am going to be a junior this coming 2019 fall semester.  I am a human biology major with a chemistry minor, and I pursuing to become a dentist.  One of my main hobbies is playing golf, and I am currently on the Men’s Golf team at UWGB.  Additionally, I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, and working out.  I enjoy working with people, and I will do my best to assist a student with a difficult subject.  My goal is to incorporate efficient study methods that will allow a student to succeed and learn new ways to conquer challenging material.  Courses, such as anatomy and genetics, can cause severe anxiety among college students, but with certain methods, any student can succeed.  I look forward to working with you!
Erica Kinnard

Hello, my name is Erica and I am a sophomore here at UW Green Bay. I am studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing to become a Data Analyst in Agribusiness Marketing. I am originally from Menomonie, WI, where I was a fourth generation beef farmer on my family’s farm. This year I will be tutoring students in Business Statistics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. I am extremely excited to meet other students and help them better understand the material that these courses cover. Outside of class, I enjoy showing cattle, riding horse, running, fishing, and working on DIY projects. Good luck in all of your studies this year!

Peyton Koppenhaver

Hello! My name is Peyton Koppenhaver and I am a sophomore here at UWGB! I am majoring in Psychology with a double emphasis in Brain, Behavior, and Health and an emphasis in Mental Health. I also am working towards a minor in Sociology and Anthropology. I am interested in studying how the nervous system affects psychological disorders and behavior. Furthermore, I have a passion for helping others and I am a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness. Outside of my education and academic pursuits I enjoy running, weightlifting, and volunteering for various clubs and organizations. Additionally, I was recently hired as a behavioral technician for children with autism so I am excited to see where that endeavor takes me. Please feel free to come to me with any questions you have! I can't wait to work with you, good luck with your studies this year!

Tatiana Monterrosa

Hello! My name is Tatiana Monterrosa and I am a senior majoring in Psychology and Spanish and obtaining a certificate in Spanish/English preparation. I am also fluent in Spanish! Once I graduate, I hope to attend graduate school for Clinical Psychology. I am from Neenah which is about 45 minutes south of Green Bay. In my free time I enjoy relaxing and watching movies and shows. I am looking forward to start tutoring, come to me with any Spanish questions you may have!

Cory Petri
Hi all! My name is Cory Petri, and I am going into my senior year at UWGB, majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology and Conservation. As such, I am intrigued by all matters concerning the environment, especially those concerning systematic interactions and processes. Water quality is another area of interest for me as I live near the Fox River in De Pere. Though I will be mainly tutoring for Principles of Biology: Organisms, Ecology, and Evolution this semester, I am more than happy to answer the questions I can concerning other related courses, so don’t be afraid to ask. Aside from my studies, I enjoy a lot of reading (Sci-Fi, naturally) and spending time with friends and family. I look forward to working with you!
Cameron Prailes

Hello! My name is Cameron Prailes and I am a senior here at UWGB. I come from Waterford, Wisconsin, a small town about 2.5 hours south of Green Bay. I am two semesters away from majoring in Accounting and Business Admin-Finance. In part to fulfill my International Business minor, I studied “abroad” at the University of the Virgin Islands – St. Thomas for the entire Spring 2019 semester. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that greatly contributed to both my academic and personal development since entering college. If possible for you, I highly recommend participating in any type of study abroad or NSE program—you will not regret it! I am looking forward to helping other students in the Cofrin School of Business and anyone else looking for assistance and advice, whether it be directly related to coursework or about the general ins-and-outs of life on campus! Feel free to contact me through the Learning Center’s website! Go Phoenix!  

Allyssa Rueth
Hello, my name is Allyssa Rueth. This is my second year at UWGB and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am part of Kappa Beta Gamma sorority and have co-founded Women in Engineering on campus. Some of the things I do in my free time are painting, working out, hanging out with friends, or baking.  I am certified in Solidworks and am available for tutoring in many engineering, math and science courses. I look forward to working with you!
Laura Rath

Hi there, my name is Laura Rath and I am a senior at UW-Green Bay, I am majoring in Accounting, with a minor in Business, an emphasis in supply chain management, and I am very close to completing the 150 credit requirement to sit for the CPA exam. I am from DeForest, Wisconsin, which is a suburb of Madison, and I love watching all Badger sports as well as attending games with my daughter and family. This is my first-semester tutoring in the learning center, I can help you with; Principles of Managerial Accounting, Principles of Financial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting 1, as well as Corporate Finance. Also, feel free to ask for help in word or excel, these skill sets may be useful in business and accounting classes to complete projects or memos. I look forward to helping you succeed in your classes and build the confidence to pass your tests with flying colors!

Shawn Riedesel

Hi, my name is Shawn Riedesel. I am a chemistry major with an ACS emphasis here at UWGB. I am a Junior and I transferred to UWGB in the fall of 2018. I attended Normandale community college and MSU Bozeman before coming here. I hope to have a career in chemical synthesis and research after graduation. I look forward to helping students succeed and broaden their understanding of their classes.

Nicholas Rouse

 Hello! My name is Nicholas Rouse and I am a Junior at UWGB seeking a degree in Computer Science. I'm fluent in quite a few coding languages, from Java to C# to Python, with Python being my favorite. I currently maintain a 4.0 GPA, plan to graduate in the Spring of 2021, and hope to one day work with machine learning. The classes I'm tutoring this semester include MATH 100, Introduction to Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics. I can also help with many programming related questions. I look forward to helping you all excel this semester.

Lauren Russell

Hello! My name is Lauren Russell and I will be a sophomore at UWGB this year.  Currently I am pursuing a degree in human biology with an emphasis in health science.  When I’m not studying, I enjoy spending time with my friends and reading.  Last year I used The Learning Center for a few of my classes and it helped a lot!  This year I’m looking forward to helping people with their own classes and going over any questions they might have on the material. 

Samuel Ryan

Hi, my name is Sam Ryan and I'm a junior here at UWGB. I'm majoring in Human Biology and German, and am planning on attending grad school in hopes to become a Physical therapist after all of my schooling. I'm from Mukwonago, Wisconsin, 2.5 hours away from Green Bay. I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, trombone in jazz band, video games, and going out to eat with friends. I'll be a German language tutor this semester, and enjoy sharing all of my knowledge with those eager to learn. Feel free to contact me from the Learning Center, and I'll be happy to assist in your classes. Go Phoenix!

Savannah Schemanauer

Hi, my name is Savannah Schemenauer and I am a junior at UWGB. I am majoring in psychology and German and I hope to go to graduate school in Germany for clinical psychology. I am a front desk attendant and a German tutor this semester. In my free time I like to go kayaking, hiking, and play tennis. I am also a gymnastics coach at the downtown YMCA. I look forward to helping you in the Learning Center! 

Jacob Stavroff

Good day to you! I hope your college experience has been treating you well so far! I’m Jacob Stavroff, and I’ve been tutoring for a few years now. I hold a degree in Computer Science, and I’m currently pursuing a Master of Data Science degree here at UWGB. I am currently working as a Technology Trainee at Associated Bank. It is my goal to one day become a lecturer at university, hopefully right here at our very own UWGB. I cover courses in Biology, Computer Science, and Math. I also cover one theatre course, if you’re needing assistance in the humanities. Additionally, I can help answer questions regarding certain applications and IDEs, such as Excel, Eclipse, or RStudio, or if you need help troubleshooting a device.
Part of being a successful student is asking questions whenever you have them and seeking resources in advance. Be curious, be creative, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Samantha Verhagen

Hi! I am Samantha Verhagen and I’m a junior at UWGB. I’m majoring in Human Biology with a Health Science emphasis. I love learning about biology and helping others understand it, so if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask! When I’m not studying, I’m typically playing trombone in the pep band or hanging out with friends. So, if you’re having trouble in a class or even in just one topic, stop by and we can work through it together. See you soon and Go Phoenix!

Sam Williams
Hello! My name is Samantha Williams, but I like to be called Sam. I am majoring in  Chemistry, as well as Philosophy, and minoring in Human Biology. I am in my 4th year at UWGB, and will graduate Spring 2021. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, longboarding, and nature walks. I also have a 4 year old son who is funny, sassy, and smart! In previous semesters I have tutored for Organic Chemistry classes, but this will be my first semester tutoring at The Learning Center. I love to learn, study, and help other students succeed, so if you have any questions (specifically in the sciences) I am available and excited to help!
Lexi Winling

Hi! My name is Lexi Winling. I am a junior here at UWGB with a double major in Accounting and Business Administration with an emphasis in Business Analytics. I am from the small town of Gladstone, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In my spare time, I enjoy doing a variety of activities outdoors such as camping, kayaking, swimming, snowshoeing, hunting and hiking. I also enjoy playing and watching sports, relaxing with friends and family, and my absolute favorite activity is playing with my dog, Tucker. This is my first semester as an academic mentor in The Learning Center and I can't wait to get started! I look forward to working with you to get a better grasp of accounting or other business courses that you might need help with!