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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Writing Emphasis Course Approval

  1. Instructors who intend to offer a WE course should get the approval of their chairpersons and indicate it on the curriculum change form.  The chair will send the form electronically to the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences (TH335) prior to the Timetable deadline.
  2. The General Education Council (GEC) will review the course syllabus to assure that it meets the WE guidelines. If the course clearly conforms to the guidelines, the GEC will approve the course and forward the form to the appropriate person. The Registrar will identify the course as WE-approved in the next Timetable. If the course does not meet the guidelines, the Chair of the GEC will contact the instructor to discuss ways in which the syllabus might be revised to meet the guidelines.
  3. The General Education Council (GEC) is responsible for monitoring and regularly evaluating the WE program. Courses which do not conform to the guidelines or which are determined by the GEC to be ineffective in achieving the goals of the program will be removed from the WE course list.