How to Register for Classes

Spring Semester 2020

New Member Registration

Spring registration is now open! 

New to Lifelong Learning Institute? Browse our catalog for course selections.

Use the REGISTER NOW button to begin registering for spring classes.

A few classes have changed since the catalog was printed. See changes here.

Registration will be suspended for initial class roster assignment on Friday, December 6, 2019 at 4 p.m., so be sure you are registered by 4pm! Call the LLI office if you need assistance.

Registration fee is due at the time classes are selected either with a credit card or by sending a check to the LLI office.

Continuing Member Registration

If you are already a member you will receive an email when registration begins. This email will contain your specific registration link. If you have changed your email address since the last time you registered, please contact the LLI office prior to registering at 920-465-2356 to update it in the system.

Fall Semester 2019
Classes still available! 

Fall Catalog

Each semester LLI offers hundreds of classes in areas like history, travel, cooking, religion, fitness, politics, fun tours of area businesses and more! We still have classes available through December.

Fall Catalog
Fall Class Openings

Lots of openings! After the initial class roster assignment, we will post available classes on the website. At this point you will need to consult the catalog, so that you can contact the class coordinator to enroll. 

Class Openings
Fall Class Changes

Occasionally there will be class changes related to instructor, class location, dates or other detail. We will notify registered class participants and also post changes on the website for reference. 

Class Changes

  • New members: If you don't see a REGISTER NOW button, new members may call the LLI office at 920-465-2356 with your wish list of desired classes, and we will help you register in as many as are available. 
  • Existing members: Please contact the class coordinators for classes you are interested in.

A letter confirming your registration will be mailed and will list courses you are on the roster for. The letter will also list the courses you did not get into. Please do not call the LLI office for confirmation.

Keep your course catalog. Your confirmation letter will only indicate the first session of each course. The remaining sessions are listed in your catalog. Please check the catalog's calendar pages to prevent overlapping selections.

Catalogs can be found at UW-Green Bay, Green Bay Campus, Manitowoc Campus and Sheboygan Campus. Neville Public Museum. Manitowoc Public Library. Mead Public Library in Sheboygan.

Recap Registration Process

  • Registration for Fall classes will open in July and close in August. Registration for Spring classes will open in November and close in December.

  • You may register for up to 30 courses. Course selections are chosen by a random lottery system.

  • Prioritize your selections beginning with "1" for your highest priority selection. Use each priority only once, Recheck your priority numbers before submitting to be sure you did not duplicate or skip any.

  • When registering online be sure to click "Submit" to finalize your registration. You will receive an email confirmation within minutes that will confirm you registration was successful.
  • ​Registration fee is due at the time classes are selected either with a credit card or by sending a check to the LLI office.

Existing members will receive an email to their specific registration link.

When registration closes, the course lottery system will run. The lottery system is a computer program that randomly slots courses using your priority selections. This process insures that all members have an equal chance to enroll in classes that frequently reach capacity. There are no waitlists.

Existing members, please contact course coordinators:

  1. To see if there are openings
  2. If you'd like to be notified of a cancellation
  3. If you need to drop a class

Once the lottery runs and initial class assignments are made, course coordinators will have the class rosters for available classes.

For new members, registration may be completed online, by mail or in person. Online registration is preferred. 

When we are open for new member registrations online, you will see a REGISTER NOW button.

If you register using the form in this catalog, please mail or drop it off at the LLI office. The LLI office is located in Instructional Services (IS) 1040 at UW-Green Bay (next to David A Cofrin Library). Or mail registration to:

Lifelong Learning Institute
IS 1040
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311

Course Supply List

Some classes may require you to purchase or bring additional supplies. When that's the case a course supply list will be made available here

Presenters' Course Handouts

Instructors will often share their presentations and other course handouts electronically during or after a class. Our library of presentations is available here

Contact Us

The LLI Office staff and volunteers are here to answer any questions you may have about LLI.  If you are new to LLI, don't hesitate to call us before you register, and we can get you started.   



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