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Course Handouts


Fall 2020

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Creating Your Advanced Medical Directives with Hailie Gagnon from Unity Hospice
Comparison of WI's Living Will and Power of Attorney for Health Care
Instructions to Complete Power of Attorney for Health Care Form
Revoking a Power of Attorney for Health Care
Ten Reasons to Complete a Power of Attorney for Health Care
Requirements for a Valid Power of Attorney for Health Care

Spring 2020

#002 Taxonomy: Reconstructing the Tree of Life
#006 Mystics of the Middle Ages
#010 Sleeping Through the Ages
#031 Exploring Wisconsin Geology
#032 Becoming Trans-Parent: One Family's Journey
#043 Vehicle Contacts/Constitutional Rights: Officers Must Follow the Supreme Law of the Land
#044 Women Inventors
#088 Anticoagulation From Warfarin to New Agents
#095 Basic Line Dancing
#111 Make Your Own Scrubbies
#126 Summer Glory: Surface Embroidery
#132 Basic Weather Chapter 3-Water, Humidity, Fog
#132 Basic Weather Chapter 4-Stability, Clouds, Precipitation
#166 How We Do Death and Dying Part 2
#170 Women at War, Part 3
#174 World's Greatest Churches Part I
#176 Biking is Fun at Any Age
#180 Origins of American Special Units
#213 Science and the Catholic/Christian Intellectual Tradition

Fall 2019

#001 Trail Hiking
#001 Trail Hiking Scavenger List
#014 Great Decisions
#119 Presidential Elections 2020
#136 Make Your Own Scrubbie
#157 Longer Gospel of Mark - Powerpoint
#157 Longer Gospel of Mark - Handout
#169 Basic Weather Concepts - Part I Weather
#169 Basic Weather Concepts - Part II Wind, Pressure
#169 Basic Weather Concepts - Additional References
#182 Origins and Consequences of the Great War
#207 From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki

Past Semester Course Handouts

An Update of U.S. & Wisconsin Supreme Courts
Drawing for Life
Weather Forecasting
Climate Change and Energy Policy
The Role of Women in Christianity
Voter Registration Training
Early Christian Courses - Resource and Bibliography
Early Christian Series by Benjamin Cruze-Uribe
Politics, Government and Civility
Mental Health and Mental Illness
Wings of Morning-Air War in Europe
The Stockbridge Indians
The Twelve Apostles: Facts vs. Myths
The Twelve Apostles: Facts vs. Myths-Ben's Power Point Presentation
The Causes and Consequences of the 2008 "Great Recession"
Mysteries of Theology - Good Friday Spell
Mysteries of Theology - The Bishops Fundamental Problem
Mysteries of Theology - Health Care - Sr. Carol Keehan
Wisconsin's Lemon Law

Drug Supplements and Drug Discovery and Development
Women-at-War-Part-2 Bibliography-of-Sources-Consulted-
Behind the Lines Part 9
Behind the Lines Part 10
WI Lemon-Law
Politics, Government and Civility April, 2018
Battle of Britain Bibliography
Russia's Troubled Economy
Climate Change and Energy Policy
Darwin, Evolution, Intelligent Design Devolution of God
Darwin, Evolution, Intelligent Design Devolution of Man
Darwin, Evolution, Intelligent Design Human Nature of Science