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Lifelong Learning Institute

Volunteer Opportunities

Your LLI program needs your help to make it a success. We are a member-led volunteer organization. Except for minimal clerical office staff, our members do all the work to provide all the social events, classes, trips, tours, and other learning opportunities that are the essence of our program. We need your help. Every member brings valuable life experience to the program and everyone has the ability to help in some way.

Members who do more than just attend classes and events not only experience the enjoyment and satisfaction of contributing to the success of our organization, they also meet new people, make new friends, make fuller use of their abilities, talents and skills and perhaps develop new skills and interests. Above all, they gain a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they have played an active role in helping LLI continue to thrive.

The MEMBER PROFILE SURVEY (click here to download) lists some roles volunteers currently play in LLI. New roles will develop as our organization expands. Please fill out the survey fully and indicate if there’s a specific area where you’d be willing to help. And remember that this is a very friendly and understanding peer-led volunteer organization. Prior experience or expertise in a particular area is always welcome but rarely necessary. Friendly training and team help is available to help you be effective in whatever role you play.

To submit the Volunteer Opportunities form:

  1. Click here to download the form
  2. Print out the form
  3. Mail the completed form to:

    LLI Office
    Instructional Services 1040
    2420 Nicolet Drive
    Green Bay, WI 54311

  4. Volunteer Brochure