AVD 261: Understanding the Arts - Fall 2009

Lecture Outlines

Please be aware that from time to time I might make changes in my lectures.  It's in your best interest to print these off the morning of class rather than a week before. 

Date Topic
Sept. 9th The Creative Impulse/What is Art?
Sept. 11th Functions of Art: Form and Context 
Sept. 14th Making Connections with Art. The Museum System.
Sept. 18th The Elements of Design
Sept. 25th The Principles of Design
Sept. 30th Forms and Styles of Art
Oct. 2st The Artist and Society
Oct. 5th Cultural Aesthetics and non-Western art
Oct. 9th Censorship
Oct. 12th Art Criticism and Formal Analysis
Oct. 16th Drawing
Oct. 21st Painting
Oct.23rd Printmaking and Sculpture (usually a film)
Oct. 26th Graphic Arts and Digital Imagery 
Oct. 28th The Applied Arts: Craft
Oct. 30th Camera and Photography (usually a film)
Nov. 2nd The Performing Arts: Theatre and Film
Nov. 13th Music Elements
Nov. 16th Music: What are our Expectations? What is the Art and who is the Artist?


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