Honors Program

Honors Application

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus Honors Program is a challenge extended to our best students. Through enriched course content and a closer association with professors and other honor students, students can broaden and enhance their college experience.

Honors sections of our courses provide opportunities for knowledge and understanding through research, creative thought and independent learning. The Honors Program can be an aid to earning an Honors Degree at a four-year campus.

Eligibility for Admission to the Honors Program

To be eligible for Honors Program Admission, new freshmen students must be in the top 15% of their high school class or have a composite score of 27 or higher on their ACT.

If students transfer from a college or university outside of the UW System, they may participate in the Honors Program if their transfer GPA on 15 or more credits is 3.5 or above.

Continuing students applying for admission to the program will be invited after completing 12 degree credits or more with a 3.5 GPA or above.

To continue in good standing within the program students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or above each semester.

Admission exceptions to the Honors Program can be sought by the student through the Director of the Honors Program on the UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus Campus.

Eligibility to enroll for Honors Credit by non-program students

There may be times when a student who is not in the Honors Program would like to enroll in a specific course for honors credit. In this situation, the student is required to fill out an “application to enroll” form (available in Student Services or from the Director of the Honors Program). As a part of this application process, students must secure a signature of approval from the faculty member of the honors course. Once the form is complete, the form will be submitted to the Director of the Honors Program for a final decision.

Honors Awards

Students in the Honors Program may earn an Associates of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree with Honors. To qualify for the AAS with Honors the student must:

  • earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.25.
  • complete the Associate of Arts and Science Degree requirements listed in the UW Colleges Catalog.
  • earn a grade of “B” or better in a minimum of 12 credits with honors designation.
  • earn a minimum of six of the 12 honors credits from at least two of the following academic divisions: humanities/fine arts; social sciences; and mathematics/natural sciences.

Students who wish to be considered for an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree with Honors should apply in the Student Services Office prior to the semester in which the degree is expected.

Extra Benefits for Students

  • All eligible students will receive a letter inviting them to provisional membership within Phi Theta Kappa, the campus honors association.
  • By being involved within the honors program, students have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with faculty members on specialized projects for the honors courses that they are taking.

The honors program at UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus will assist the campus in developing a community of scholars which will aid in the recruitment and retention of high achieving students.