Posting Policy

UW-Green Bay | Manitowoc Campus Posting Policy (updated Jan. 2011)

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus recognizes the rights of all individuals of freedom of expression. This policy establishes procedures for the posting of all types of printed materials on the UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus campus.

Where the policy does not address a specific question, it is expected that courtesy, good judgment and common sense will determine the course of action.

General Guidelines for Public and University Postings

  1. No more than one poster or notice for the same event on each bulletin board.
  2. Avoid placing posters on top of other posters.
  3. Avoid posters larger than 11 x 17 on bulletin boards.
  4. Any material to be posted that is not in English must have an English translation posted at the same location.
  5. Posters with offensive content (including, but not limited to, hate speech, vulgarity, defamation of character, pornography) are not allowed and will be removed at the discretion of the Dean.
  6. Posters that are clearly outdated will be removed.
  7. Use only tacks or pushpins on bulletin boards and use only poster putty, blue tape, or removable poster tabs on other non-prohibited surfaces (see below).

The following are available in Administrative Services:

  • Pushpins.
  • Poster putty.
  • Blue clean strip tape.
  • Poster tabs.
  • Free standing sign holders and easels.

Bulletin bars located outside of classrooms are for short term instruction-related postings only.

Prohibited Areas for All Posted Materials

  • Restricted Use Bulletin Boards – bulletin boards clearly designated for administrative, department, club, or other special use.
  • Doors.
  • Glass surfaces.
  • Directional or informational signs and/or sign holders.
  • Stairway and balcony railings.
  • Classroom walls, doors, bulletin boards, chalkboards, and whiteboards.
  • Bulletin bars located outside of classrooms are restricted to faculty/staff use for course-related postings.
  • Restrooms outside of plastic holders.
  • Gray and taupe painted surfaces around entrance to University Theater.
  • Gray painted surfaces in Lakeside Corridor.
  • .Exterior surfaces of campus buildings, light poles, directional signs, benches, and trees.
  • Vehicle windshields in parking lots.

University Sponsored Postings

  • Notices of student and other University events and activities may be posted on any available bulletin board except for specifically prohibited areas (see above). The University group or organization that posted the materials must remove them after the event.
  • For notices placed on tables in the Commons;
    • Flyers will be removed by maintenance at the end of each day.
    • Longer term notices must be placed in clear plastic holders, available in Administrative Services
  • Posting of large banners over 11 X 17 on walls must be done using proper materials (see General Guidelines #7 above).  Such postings are limited to two weeks.

All Other Postings

  • Individuals, whether members of the University community or the general public, may post printed materials on General Use Bulletin Boards.
  • Posting of University materials or outside materials with academic content will take precedence if space conflicts occur.
  • Printed materials must conform to all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

Dissemination of Posting Policy

  • Copies of this policy will be posted on the campus website, given to every campus club, kept in the library, the student government office, administrative services, student services and maintenance department.
  • These two notices will be posted on each bulletin board:
    • Questions about UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus Posting Policy? Check with Administrative Services in 130 Founders Hall.
    • Use Only Tacks or Pushpins