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Facility Use & Reservations

At this time, third-party use of any UW-Green Bay building or outdoor facility has been suspended until Dec. 31, 2020. The University will review this decision on Oct. 1, 2020.  If you have any questions, contact Lisa Francl, Campus and Executive Officer Assistant, or 920-663-7350.

When rooms at UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus are not in use for classes or other campus activities, they are available for organization use. The activity must be in keeping with the overall educational and public service objectives of the University of Wisconsin. Use of the facilities requires a fee in many cases. Audio-visual equipment and maintenance services are also available for an additional cost.

Building Maps

University Theatre

  • 350 Seat Auditorium
  • Dressing rooms
  • 46’ Wide Proscenium Opening
  • Sound Shell for concert/music requirements
  • 1 grand and 1 baby grand piano
  • 5 sets of choir risers
  • Attached shop includes various hand and power tools.
  • 4 hanging electrics on electric winches
  • ETC Ion Lighting Board
  • Analogue Audio board with Dell computer as sound computer (iTunes and Multi-Play software)
  • 3 wireless body mics
  • 2 wireless hand held mics
  • Lighting inventory consists of ETC Source 4’s for Front of House, 8” Fresnels and Par Cans above the stage.
  • Stock props/set pieces/lumber etc. may be available for use with permission of Theatre Director
  • We do not have the ability to “Fly” people, objects, set pieces etc…

Computer Classroom (F139)

  • 30 computer stations
  • Equipped with computers, projectors, white boards


  • Overlooks Lake Michigan
  • Access to outdoor patio
  • Seating at tables for 84
  • Variety of layouts available

Lecture Room (H102)

  • Seats 65


  • Seating capacity of 25-48
  • Equipped with computers, projectors, white boards 

Hillside Hall Gymnasium (additional fees may apply to some items)

  • Roll down bleachers with seating capacity of around 300
  • College-regulation basketball court
  • Six basketball hoops, two competition goals, and four side baskets
  • Volleyball court (one regulation competitive court, or two side courts)
  • Two locker rooms with showers.
  • Concession area/athletic training room/access to ice machine.
  • Curtain that can be lowered (if the bleachers are in) to divide the gym in half.
  • Nearby classrooms available for team meeting rooms, coaches meetings, media, or hospitality
  • Office available for officials with use of private shower, restroom, and lockers
  • Score boards, sideline chairs, scoring tables, and PA system:
  • 2 Nevco scoreboards
  • 36 cushioned sideline chairs
  • 2 eight foot long padded scorer’s tables
  • 3 water coolers (5 gallon)