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Languages and Cultures

  • International Studies:

  • Kristin Aoki, Student Advisor, International Education. Japan, Scotland, Study Abroad, International Students
    (920) 465-5164. aokik@uwgb.edu.

  • Paula Ganyard, Director of the Cofrin Library. Japan. Germany. Italy. France. Austria. Poland. Czech Republic. England. Scotland. Northern Ireland. Netherlands.
    (920) 465-2537. ganyardp@uwgb.edu.

  • Elizabeth Hessler, University Services Program Associate, NEW Partnership for Children and Families. Guam, Samoa and Hawaiian culture. Polynesian dancing.
    (920) 465-2724. hesslere@uwgb.edu.

  • Jemma Lund, Study Abroad Coordinator. Faculty-led Programs.
    (920) 465-2413. lundj@uwgb.edu.

  • Sarah Meredith, Professor. Women in the Performing Arts; Classical/Opera/Music Theater; Genres of Singing; Voice Health Care; Healing Power of Music; Diction for Singers in French, German, Italian, Czech; Topics related to Czech Republic and Slovakia, Italy, Brazil
    (920) 465-2637. meredits@uwgb.edu.

  • Heidi Sherman, Associate Professor of Humanities and Chair of History. Russian History and Culture; Medieval History; Vikings; Archaeology
    (920) 465-5146. shermanh@uwgb.edu.
  • Native American Culture:

  • Lisa Poupart, Associate Professor of Humanistic Studies (First Nations Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies). Social problems on Native American reservations and in urban communities. Internalized oppression in Native American communities, especially social problems including domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, addictions and juvenile delinquency. Reintegration of traditional tribal peacemaking systems. Indigenous First Nations teaching methods and elder epistemology.
    (920) 465-2185. poupartl@uwgb.edu.
  • German Language and Culture:

  • David Coury, Professor of Humanistic Studies (German). German language. Contemporary German literature and films. Cultural aspects of globalization.
    (920) 465-2097. couryd@uwgb.edu.

  • Jennifer Ham, Professor of Humanistic Studies and German. Language; Literature; Culture of German-Speaking Countries; Cultural Representations of Schooling; Animals; Turn of the Century Drama and Popular Culture
    (920) 465-2461. hamj@uwgb.edu.
  • Spanish Language and Culture:

  • Isabel Iglesias, Lecturer of Spanish and Humanistic Studies. Spanish Language and Culture
    (920) 465-2088. iglesiai@uwgb.edu.

  • Cristina Ortiz, Professor of Humanistic Studies (Spanish). Spanish language, literature and culture. Spain. International education.
    (920) 465-2450. ortizc@uwgb.edu.

  • Kimberly Vlies, Web/Graphic Designer. Communications & Media—e-mail marketing and online advertising; UW-Green Bay—Institutional Visual Identity and Logo Standards; Spanish Language
    (920) 465-2095. vliesk@uwgb.edu.
  • Chinese Language and Culture:

  • Kaoime Malloy, Professor of Theatre & Dance. Makeup; Special Effects; Japanese Art and Culture; Irish Art and Culture; Art Appreciation; Photoshop and Digital Painting; Buddhism and Shintoism; Pagan Studies; Massage Therapy; Medical Herbalism; Traditional Chinese Medicine
    (920) 465-2193. malloyk@uwgb.edu.

  • Le (Leanne) Zhu, Associate Professor of Human Biology. Chinese language and culture. Native speaker of Chinese; raised in China (Beijing).
    (920) 465-2354. zhul@uwgb.edu.
  • Japanese Language and Culture:

  • Sawa Senzaki, Assistant Professor of Human Development, Director of the Culture and Development Lab. Culture and Development; Infancy and Early Childhood; Acculturation Among Immigrant Children and Families; Social and Cultural Influences on Development; Japanese Language and Culture
    (920) 475-2711. senzakis@uwgb.edu.
  • Middle East, Jordan, Arab World:

  • David Coury, Professor of Humanistic Studies (German). German language. Contemporary German literature and films. Cultural aspects of globalization.
    (920) 465-2097. couryd@uwgb.edu.