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Design Banner ImageSuccessful design more than looks good — it presents your content in a way that facilitates understanding, and resonates with the viewer. Our experienced designers will work with you to understand your program's values and develop a visual message that resonates with the audience and is aligned with the UW-Green Bay brand promises.


Projects include posters, fliers, brochures, mailers, booklets, emails and web graphics. Submit your project request four to six weeks in advance of when the project is needed. We will respond to your request within two weeks.

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Our talented graphic artists offer a wide range of skills such as photo editing, illustration, typography and page layout.

Our Process

  1. Project request submitted — A client submits an online project request form. For most design projects, it's a good idea to submit your project request four to six weeks in advance of when the project is needed. For campaigns involving multiple components or media buys, more time is needed.
  2. Collect information — This includes any research, textual content, imagery, etc. A project schedule will be determined based on needs.
  3. Concept — Produce one or two initial concepts for the client to review.
  4. First draft — Refine the concept chosen by the client, taking feedback into consideration.
  5. Proof — Final opportunity for the client to review and approve the piece.
  6. Production and delivery — Files are sent to the print vendor for production. Digital media is shared with the client or vendor. Please plan for a 10 day turnaround for off-campus printing.

Branded Templates (Lucidpress)

Templates for quick design are available in Lucidpress. Check with your supervisor for designated users in your area.

If you have a recurring project or asset that you believe would be a valuable template for your area or the University at large, please submit your request to Marketing. All requests will be reviewed and approved or not approved as a template. If approved, the template design work will be timetabled 6-8 weeks out. If not approved, you will be notified as to our rationale why. Thank you.

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