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Christopher Martin

About Myself

I have been teaching Philosophy at UW Green Bay for almost 6 years now. I teach a wide range of classes, but particularly enjoy teaching metaphysics (the study of Being) and Early Modern Philosophy (the major philosophical disputes defining the years between 1650-1770 or so). I am currently working on a paper on the origin of consciousness. In addition to my work here at the university I maintain a deep appreciation and concern for the environment. I speak to these issues in my first-year seminar, Introduction to Philosophy, and Environmental Ethics courses. When I am not hard at work on philosophy I enjoy traveling and the outdoors, and love to combine the two. I especially enjoy kayaking.

Philosopher's Café

Philosophers’ Cafés are public forums held at local coffee shops and pubs in which community members engage in open, friendly, and respectful dialogue in a relaxed and informal setting. We will discuss topics ranging from traditional philosophical problems to pressing contemporary issues. Topics will be introduced and discussions moderated by faculty from UW-Green Bay.

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Associate Professor (Chair)

Office TH 381

Phone (920) 465-2088


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