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Planning Workshop

After synthesizing and analyzing the base materials, a two-day series of campus input sessions was organized. Diverse participants from targeted campus and non-campus constituencies were contacted directly. Two open fora were held so generalized users had an opportunity to share their visions for the campus.

Participants included representatives from the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay administrative and sup-port staff , faculty, facilities management, and student body; representatives from various departments of the City of Green Bay and Brown County; adjacent landowners; Maura Donnelly from the University of Wisconsin, Systems Administration; and Joe Sokal, the project manager from the State of Wisconsin, Division of State Facilities.

A series of leading questions was published prior to the sessions to acquaint participants with the goals of the master planning process and encourage forethought on the issues and opportunities on the UW–Green Bay campus. These questions are included under Appendix A1: Initial Workshop Questions. A complete list of participants is included under Appendix A2: Master Planning Workshop Participants. A summary of workshop findings was distributed following the workshop. This is included under Appendix A3: Initial Master Planning Workshop Summary.

The listening sessions served as a forum where those who work, live, and recreate in and around the campus defined the culture and sensibilities of the campus through comments and stories. The sessions also began a dialogue between diverse stakeholders on the campus as well as between the campus and surrounding community. The feedback informed consultants of primary planning issues and secondary design components, which formed the basis of the entire Master Plan.