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Recommendations and Implementation Strategies

The University of Wisconsin–Green Bay Master Plan recommendations are divided into four sections. Primary Planning Issues are addressed in a series of recommendations and strategies for implementation. Secondary Design Components cover recommendations for other important features and elements of the Master Plan. Site Specific Studies provide a conceptual exploration of site-scale design areas, often of some critical function, as defined by campus workshop presentations and contain recommendations related to character, scale, and location of these areas. Additional Campus Resources, focusing on the Shorewood Golf Course, Bayshore, and other non-contiguous UW-Green Bay landholdings, comprise the final section of recommendations.

Master Plan recommendations are made to guide the decision-making process surrounding future campus growth and building expansion. The recommendations take into account: the Master Plan Principles; continued feedback from the campus and community; solutions to anticipated issues and problems; regulatory measures from the Wisconsin State Legislature, such as Smart Growth 2022 planning, stormwater mitigation planning, and Green Building/Leadership in Energy and Environmental Development (LEED) guidelines.

The ideas presented are limited by what was identifiable during the development of this Master Plan. The leadership of UW-Green Bay and campus planners must continue the process by weighing recommendations of the Plan against the evolving issues and changing public needs. This is achieved, in part, by continuing the dialogue among campus, non-campus, and administrative stakeholders initiated by this planning process.

The master planning process relied on the input of diverse participants, but remains predicated on straight-line growth assumptions. The resulting illustrations paint one possible picture of the campus based on this model and as such depicts what a campus could be, not necessarily what it will be. The power of this Master Plan lies in its ability to physically demonstrate the impact of various decisions on the physical layout and landscape of this place.

Primary Planning Issues

Secondary Planning Issues