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Md Rasedul  Islam, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Md Rasedul Islam, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D. – Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI, USA 2020
  • B. Sc. – Mechanical Engineering, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh, 2012
Research Interests:
  • Bio-robotics - wearable robots, robot-aided rehabilitation, exoskeleton robots, human-assist robots, humanoid robotics, medical robots, human-machine interface.
  • Ergonomic Mechanism – parallel mechanism and hybrid mechanism for rehabilitation robot and exoskeleton robot
  • Intelligent system and Control - nonlinear control, force-based control, electromyogram signals based control, adaptive control, tele-robotics, tele-rehabilitation, cobot control and artificial intelligence.
  • Automation – autonomous navigation, automation of process control, and automation of dynamic systems.
Awards & Honors:
  • Chancellor Graduate Student Award (2020)
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship (2018-2019)
Graduate School | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • Distinguished Graduate Student Fellowship (2017-2018)
Graduate School | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • Prime Minister Gold Medal(2012)                
Khulna University of Engineering& Technology, Bangladesh
  • University Gold Medal(2012) 
Khulna University of Engineering& Technology, Bangladesh
Publications (Selected):
Book Chapter:
  1. Islam MR, Brahimi B, Ahmed T, Assad-Uz-Zaman M, Rahman MH (2020) “Chapter 9 - Exoskeletons in upper limb rehabilitation: A review to find key challenges to improve functionality”. In: BOUBAKER, O. (ed.) Control Theory in Biomedical Engineering. Academic Press, Elsevier June 2020.
  2. Brahimi B, Saad M, Rahman MH, Ochoa-Luna C, Islam MR (2019) , “Design Development and Control of an Upper extremity Exoskeleton Robot for Rehabilitation”,Wearable robotics, Ed Jacob Rosen, Elsevier November 2019
Journals (Peer reviewed):
  1. Islam, M.R., Assad-Uz-Zaman, M., Al Zubayer Swapnil, A. et al. An ergonomic shoulder for robot-aided rehabilitation with hybrid control. Microsyst Technol (2020).
  2. Islam, M.R, Rahmani, M., & Rahman, M. (2020). A Novel Exoskeleton with Fractional Sliding Mode Control for Upper Limb Rehabilitation. Robotica, Vol: 38 Issue:11, Page 2099-2120. https://doi:10.1017/S0263574719001851
  3. Islam, M. R., Assad-Uz-Zaman, M. & Rahman, M.H. (2020) “Design and Control of an Ergonomic Robotic shoulder for Wearable exoskeleton robot for Rehabilitation” Int. J. Dynam. Control, Vol:8, Issue:1, Page 312–325.
  4. Assad Uz Zaman, M., Islam, M.R., Rahman, M.H. et al. (2020), “Robot sensor system for supervised rehabilitation with real-time feedback”. Multimedia Tools Appl Vol: 79, Issue: 36, Page 26643–26660 (2020).
  5. Assad-Uz-Zaman, Md, Islam, M., Rahman, M., Wang, Y., & McGonigle, E. (2020). “Kinect Controlled NAO Robot for Telerehabilitation”, Journal of Intelligent Systems, Vol: 30 Issue:1, Page 224-239. doi:
  6. Assad-Uz-Zaman, M., Islam, M.R, Miah, S., & Rahman, M. H. (2019). NAO robot for cooperative rehabilitation training. Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies engineering, 6, 2055668319862151. doi:10.1177/2055668319862151.
Conference Papers:
  1. Islam, M. R.,  Rahman, M.A., Assad-Uz-Zaman, M., & Rahman, M.H., (2019) “Cartesian Trajectory Based Control of Dobot Robot”, Fourth North American on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM Toronto’19), Toronto, Canada, October 23 -25, 2019.
  2. Assad-Uz-Zaman, M., Islam, M. R., & Rahman, M.H., (2018) “Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation with NAO Robot”, Proceedings of 5th International Conference of Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics (CDSR'18), Niagara Falls, Canada, June 7 - 9, 2018.
  3. Islam, M. R., Assad-Uz-Zaman, M., Spiewak,C.,  & Rahman, M.H., (2017), "Motion Control of a Robotic Device for Passive Rehabilitation of Human Shoulder and Elbow Joint Movement ", Great Lakes Biomedical Conference 2017, Milwaukee, WI, USA.