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Jump Start

Program Overview

Jump Start is a multicultural intensive preparatory program for first-year students from multicultural backgrounds interested in learning how to be successful at UW-Green Bay. During the seven-day program students will:

  • Move-in early and live in their assigned UW-Green Bay housing and meet other first-year students
  • Learn about UW-Green Bay office resources, and strengthen time management/study skills
  • Discover how to navigate the city of Green Bay and understand more about Green Bay’s community resources
  • Gain insight on intercultural differences, increase intercultural competency and strengthen multicultural growth and development


Jump Start underlines UW-Green Bay’s Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (MESA) office commitment toward the support of multicultural college students and our efforts to develop and retain diversified college students and is committed to implementing appropriate and proactive outreach and early intervention practices. Jump Start aims to promote and increase the recruitment, participation, and success of underrepresented students at UW- Green Bay.

The summer experience is organized around five main goals:

  • Increase college preparatory skills and study skill abilities
  • Enhance social skills for a successful college experience
  • Familiarize participants with UW-Green Bay and the student services offices and their processes
  • Develop students’ knowledge of their multicultural identities
  • Validate students’ sense of themselves as college learners


  • Enrolled at UW-Green Bay as a first-year student with 12 credits or more
  • Identify as being a part of an underrepresented ethnic minority group
  • Available to start program on Sunday, August 22 – Saturday, August 28 , 2021
  • Must be attending Main Campus (Green Bay)

Cost: $50

Please make checks payable to Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs. Checks can only be mailed in. 
Payment due date Friday, August 6th, 2021

MESA mailing address: 
UW–Green Bay
Multi-Ethnic Students Affairs (MESA) 
University Union, Suite 112​​
2420 Nicolet Dr.
Green Bay, WI 54311

Application deadline is Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program please contact MESA office at email: or phone: (920) 465-2522. 


Previous Participants

Alan Vang

Alan Vang, Sophomore

Jump Start 2018 Participant
Hometown: Weston, WI
Major: Human Biology

I initially participated in Jump Start so that I could move in early and get to know my way around campus. However, I learned a lot about different challenges I could potentially face in college such as microaggressions. Another thing I got out of this program is getting to know people before school started.

Joy Russ

Joy Russ, Junior

Jump Start 2017 Participant
Hometown: Menomonee Falls, WI
Major: Psychology
Minors: Human Biology and Human Development

I had originally heard about Jump Start when I came to UWGB for my R&R session. I thought it would be nice to move in and get to know the campus better before everyone else got to. I didn’t know that Jump Start would be one of the greatest and most beneficial experiences I would ever have. I made a lot of my friends through Jump Start and I got a lot of academic and personal help from the wonderful people who worked in the MESA (Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs) Office. Jump Start also taught me about the issues I may face as a POC (Person of Color) on a predominately white campus. I think Jump Start really gives its participants a “jump start” into being a student here at UWGB and allows you to make connections and relationships in a comfortable environment. If you’re thinking about applying, just do it! I promise you won’t regret it.

Elijah Mada

Elijah Mada, Senior

Jump Start 2016 Participant
Hometown: Fort Campbell, KY
Major: Computer Science

I participated in Jump Start because it allowed me to move in early free of charge
which would get rid of the chaos of me moving in with all the other freshman. Aside from that I had no idea what to expect from Jump Start, at least that I can remember. I am really glad that I did decide to participate because it made starting college so much easier. I was able to meet faculty that are important to know throughout your college career. It was also good way to get to learn the campus and more specifically where your classes will be. Other than that, the people that you meet in Jump Start will be people you become close with, I am still friends with people I met in Jump Start today. Plus, it gives you a really cool place to hang out other than your room, the MESA. If you are considering doing Jump Start, stop thinking and just do it. There are no consequences and there are multiple benefits. You won't regret it.