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Speaker Series

Holistic Well‑Being

Experience breakthroughs in understanding nutrition and integrated health.

We are working in partnership with leading experts to make available a speaker series that deepens your experiential knowledge of nutrition and integrated health to promote holistic well-being.

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Convenient Nutrition at Home

"Fast Foods" to Make Food Prep Easy for Delicious, Nutritious Meals
Friday, March 31, 2023
10-11 a.m.
Virtual Only

In this culinary-nutrition session, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Chef Michele Redmond will share ways to help people be more confident and successful making plant-rich meals with convenience foods. This webinar qualifies for continuing education.

Meals prepped at home are pivotal in helping people eat well, but barriers include negative perceptions toward convenience foods, uncertainty in picking nutritious ones and the skills to leverage them into easy meals. We’ll explore the nutrient-density range of convenience foods, how to define them and simplify nutrition for a plant-rich pantry that allows flexible and affordable homemade meals. Then we’ll brainstorm ways to make meals from Chef Michele’s pantry that encourage food diversity and more home-prepped meals. Takeaways will include:

  • Use a simple nutrition guideline that helps people select nutrient-rich convenience foods
  • Identify several skills that help people simplify food prep and save time
  • Brainstorm affordable, delicious meals from a plant-rich pantry
  • Increase awareness around negative terms and perceptions of convenience foods that may create barriers to nutritious foods


Michele Redmond
Michele Redmond

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Chef
The Taste Workshop

Michele is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and French-trained chef, but she also calls herself a “Food Enjoyment Activist” because we don’t have to accept how our crazy food system fosters self-doubt, distrust, judgy food attitudes and “eat this, not that” food police. None of this noise or negativity benefits your health or well-being. 

For over 12 years, Michele has helped individuals, employees and organizations overcome these challenges in their efforts to improve health without sacrificing favorite foods or complicating decisions about what and how to eat.

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Wholesome Endeavors

Friday, April 21, 2023
10-11 a.m.
Virtual Only

Join nutrition entrepreneur Hannah Koschak as she shares the story of her business, Wholesome Endeavors. Along the way Hannah will discuss lessons learned, advice for networking and building leads, and the important questions to ask if wanting to be an entrepreneur. No CEU's for this event.


Hannah Koschak
Hannah Koschak

RD, CD, Owner, Wholesome Endeavors
Wholesome Endeavors

Hannah is a registered dietitian, nutrition entrepreneur, and owner of Wholesome Endeavors. Her business was awarded "best of the best" new business in 2020 and 2021 in the Chippewa Valley. As a nutrition coach, Hannah helps others to improve their food choices and personal relationship with food, while striving to create a ripple effect of healthy habits throughout her community.

A Balanced Career

If you already have a bachelor's degree or RDN, and you're ready to elevate your nutritional credentials, a graduate degree or graduate certificate will enrich your professional life.

Live and Practice Whole Body Well-Being

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