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Program Outcomes

The MSN Leadership and Management in Health Systems program prepares the graduates to:

  • Integrate knowledge of sciences and humanities as a basis for leadership and nursing practice.
  • Apply concepts of organizational and systems leadership in decision making in the health care environment.
  • Enact a nurse leader role in safety and quality improvement in the health care environment.
  • Apply research evidence in nursing leadership and practice to enhance care and improve outcomes of nursing.
  • Utilize informatics and health care technologies to enhance care and outcomes of nursing.
  • Intervene at the systems level through policy, fiscal management, and advocacy to influence the health care environment.
  • Communicate and collaborate as a member and leader of interprofessional teams to optimize health care delivery.
  • Analyze the role of nurse leader to reduce health disparities and promote population health.
  • Evaluate personal growth as a professional nurse leader.
  • Influence health care outcomes through master’s-level nursing practice, cognizant of environmental sustainability.