Harold Day

Harold Day

Jack Day joined the UWGB faculty in 1970 as the Chair of Environmental Controls (a department name no longer in use). Before joining UWGB, Jack had served in the US Navy, completed a pHD in Civil Engineering from UW-Madison, worked in the paper industry for several years and served on the faculty of the Carnegie Institute. He brought with him a lifelong interest in water and how it impacts all features of our society including people, land use, and cultures. Jack and his wife were part of a team of faculty members who offered a January interim course (part of the LES requirements) in the Yucatan Peninsula. Jack was also a member of the Metropolitan Sewerage District Board for 29 years, serving as its president for much of that time and playing a significant role in the time period when the current regional modern day sewer system was being developed.

Jack's research interests date back to his time at Carnegie Institute before taking a position at UWGB in 1970. He was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and published several papers on developing techniques for minimizing flood damage in flood prone areas. Throughout his career at UWGB, Jack's research focus was on water resources. Jack also conducted research projects on factors contributing to contaminated rivers and river basins and developing recommendations minimizing future contaminations.

After his retirement in 1994, Jack spent several years working on projects for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. He talks about several of these including a three year project in Vietnam. Jack was instrumental in developing an international seminar focusing on water resource issues that meets biannually in countries around the world – the most recent in Spain in June, 2013. Jack has visited more than 45 countries and made over 100 international trips during his career.


B.S. (1952), M.S. (1953), Ph.D. (1963) UW-Madison