Michael Hencheck

Michael Hencheck

Associate Professor

LS 402


Human Biology (General), Physics.

Research Interests

My research has focused on two areas. The first attempts to measure the reaction probability for the interactions of short-lived nuclear species that may have been significant in the synthesis of nuclei heavier than helium during the early stages of the formation of the universe and in the production of neutrinos in the sun. The second investigates the interaction of very exotic, short-lived, neutron-rich nuclear species such as 6He and 8B, which are thought to possess an "halo" of neutrons, providing the opportunity to study the properties of "neutron matter" at relatively low densities.In addition to these programs, I've recently begun a project attempting to establish an ongoing program of study in which students will make visual photometric observations of variable stars and upload their findings to the archives of the American Association of Variable Star Observers, providing data against which stellar models may be tested.


Ph.D. Ohio State University