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Natural & Applied Sciences

Past NAS Seminars

Fall Semester 2014

September 12 Stephen J.Mullin, Department of Biological Sciences Eastern Illinois University

No place like home anymore: Colubrids coping in modified habitats in the Midwest

September 26 Franklin Chen, Natural & Aplied Sciences, UW-Green Bay Electronic origins of acid-base character
October 10 Mark Holey, Project Leader for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service office in Green Bay Federal management of Great Lakes fish
October 24 David Helpap, Public & Environmental Affairs, U W-Green Bay Brownfield Redevelopment
November 7 Nelson Ham, Geology and Environmental Science, Saint Norbert College Geology of midwestern streams
November 21 Rachel Russell, Public & Environmental Affairs, UW-Green Bay Green space and urban agriculture

Spring Semester 2014

February 7 Nicole Van Helden and Kari Hagenow
The Nature Conservancy
Conservation in the Great Lakes, Green Bay and the Gems of Door County
February 21 Stephen Mullin
Professor of Biological Sciences at Eastern Illinois University
No place like home anymore: Colubrids coping in modified habitats in the Midwest.
March 7 Tammie Paoli
Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

An overview of fisheries management and surveys in Green Bay and southern Oconto County.

March 28 Kevin Fermanich
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay

Green Land vs. Green Water: Managing Watershed Vulnerability for a Better Bay

April 11 Ryan Currier
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay

The Flowering of Magma Bodies in the Crust

April 25 Nguyen Khac-Tiep
United Nations Industrial Development Organization - Energy and Climate Change Branch
Climate Change and Energy: Current Status, Future Scenarios and Impacts Related to United Nations Industrial Development Organization Work.

Fall Semester 2013

September 13 Dajun Wang
School of Life Sciences, Peking University, China, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wildlife research in western China: threats and conservation
September 27 Charles Brown
Dept. of Biology, University of Tulsa
The costs and benefits of coloniality in cliff swallows: insights from a 30-year study
October 11 Cancelled
October 25 Elizabeth Wheat
Assistant Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
It's Not Easy Being Green: Challenges Faced by Litigants in Environmental Cases at the Court of Appeals
November 8 Tracey Holloway
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, University of WI--Madison
Energy options for cleaner air
November 22 Terry Gerlach
Cascades Volcano Observatory, US Geological Survey
Volcanic versus anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions

Spring Semester 2013

Tea: 3:00pm in ES 317 Talk: 3:30 - 4:30pm in ES 328
February 8 Dr. Greg Davis
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
Math and Population Dynamics or Hard to Swallow
February 22 Dr. Daniel Lindner
US Forest Service, Northern Research Station Center for Forest Mycology Research
Portrait of a Killer: Tracking the Fungus that is Decimating Bat Populations in Eastern North America
March 8 Dr. Amy Wolf
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
A Global Approach to Understanding Forest Dynamics: The Smithsonian Institutions's International Network of Forest Dynamics Plots
April 5 Dr. Carrie Kissman
Dept. Biology; St. Norbert College
How do Species Invasions, Climate Change, and Eutrophication Affect Lake Ecosystems?
April 19 Dr. Stephen Meyer
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
How Good are the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel Temperature Forecasts? Enquiring Minds Want to Know
May 3 Dr. Thomas Sauer
USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Agriculture

Fall Semester 2012

September 7 Dr. Angela Bauer
Dept. Human Biology; UW-Green Bay
Are there hormones in your drinking water?
September 21 Dr. Brian Wilsey
Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology; Iowa State University
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning differences between native and novel exotic dominated ecosystems: Are we entering the Anthropocene epoch?
October 5 Dr. Heidi Fencl
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
The Box and the Boson: Reflections on Teaching Physics Process in an Answers-Oriented World
October 19 Dr. Michael Draney
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
What I’m trying to do in Panama
November 2 Dr. Joseph Peterson
Dept. of Geology; UW-Oshkosh
Dinosores - Injury and Behavior in Cretaceous Dinosaurs
November 16 Dr. Christopher Martin
Dept. Humanistic Studies; UW-Green Bay
The Rational Structure of the Order of Things
November 30 Dr. Michael Zorn
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
Environmental Sensors for Continuous, In-Situ Water Monitoring in the Great Lakes

Spring Semester 2012

January 27 Dr. Daniel Meinhardt
UW-Green Bay
Shishmaref, Alaska: On the front line of global climate change
February 10 Dr. David Dolan
UW-Green Bay
Lake Erie: reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated (Again!)
February 24 Dr. Patricia Terry
UW-Green Bay
Sustianability: Lessons from Europe
March 23 Dr. Daniel H. Zitomer
Marquette University
Anaerobic co-digestion for sustainable waste management
April 6 Dr. Stephen Weeks
University of Akron
Patterns of evolutionary transitions between hermaphroditism and dioecy in animals
April 20 Dr. Dallas Blaney
UW-Green Bay
Environmental flows, political dams
May 4 Dr. Steven Dutch
UW-Green Bay
How the West dominated technology, or what I learned from my general ed course

Fall Semester 2011

September 16 Dr. Mathew Dornbush
UW-Green Bay
Colonization and consumer mechanisms promote dominance of the exotic herb garlic mustard in a Wisconsin, USA forest
September 30 Dr. John Luczaj
UW-Green Bay
The geology of Brown County: Challenges of bedrock mapping in a glaciated landscape
October 14 Dr. Robert Howe
UW-Green Bay
Termites, fire, and cane toads: ecology in Australia's Northern Territory
October 28 Dr. John Katers
University of Akron
Life cycle inventory for wood pellet manufacturing in Wisconsin
November 11 Dr. Alma Rodriquez-Estrada
UW-Green Bay
Genes up, genes down, attack!
December 2 Dr. Jorge Estevez
UW-Green Bay
Removing a carcinogen from groundwater: the alkaline reaction pathway for chloroform decomposition in solution