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Professional Program inNursing

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How do I know who my advisor is?

Students are informed yearly by e-mail about their advisor  Students can also contact the Nursing Program Chair or Program Assistant at to find out the name of their advisor.

How often should I contact my advisor?

Students have the responsibility of contacting the Nursing Program Advisor at least once a year for academic progress planning.

What can I expect from the Nursing Program advisor?

Here is what to expect from your advisor:

  • Responding to questions about the program, the three tracks, program requirements, admission to the program, etc.
  • Referring students to appropriate faculty person if the question is course related
  • Assisting students in a variety of ways that include discussing program policies, and addressing questions and issues.
  • Assisting students in planning their educational experience and determining appropriate course work.
  • Clarifying transfer credits
  • Clarifying requirements and courses that need to be completed
  • Assisting students in laying out a time frame for completion of the program.
  • Providing assistance as needed when registering for classes
  • Providing information about UW-Green Bay and Nursing Program policies
  • Counseling students on academic matters
  • Collaborating with Student Services offices (such as Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, Bursar, and general Academic Advising) for the benefit of students

Is a mentor required for the online Health Assessment course?

There is no formal lab component with this course. However, students will need to use a friend, colleague or family member to practice the assessment skills. Each of the assessments will be evaluated by completion of correct documentation, case studies, and/or quiz evaluations. In addition, students will be encouraged to work with an experienced nurse colleague who will be helpful in skill development and giving feedback on emerging skills.

How do I know what courses are required?

The curriculum requirements are described at the Nursing Curriculum Page. The Nursing Program advisor can also help with this if you have questions. You might also want to print an academic plan worksheet to keep track of the requirements you need to take as well as those you have already taken.

How often are upper level nursing courses offered?

Upper level nursing courses are offered via a periodicity schedule, which is planned a number of years in advance. This allows for students to plan the semester they will take particular courses. Periodicity of course offerings differs for each track. A description of the upper level nursing courses is found here.

Where can I find other information about UW-Green Bay policies and services?

Check the Undergraduate Course Catalog at for a complete description of academic programs, services, and academic requirements such as general education requirements. The UW-Green Bay website at is also a good source of information for University Policies and it has an excellent search engine.

Can I take an independent study course?

Students may arrange to take an independent study on a topic intended to expand the nursing curriculum but cannot duplicate a regular UW-Green Bay course. Under the advisement of a regular member of the nursing faculty, independent studies can be taken for 1 - 4 credits.

What style should be used for writing papers?

The Professional Program in Nursing uses the latest Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) as a style manual for formal writing assignments in upper level nursing courses. Purchase the 5th edition of the manual, review it, and use it in upper level nursing courses. Hyperlink to PowerPoint presentation about APA style and documentation.

How can I waive the general education requirement for World Culture (previously known as Other Culture)?

If you have completed four semesters of a foreign language at the college level or have substantial living experience outside the United States, you may have fulfilled the general education Other Culture requirement.

  1. Complete an Other Culture waiver form. Read the directions carefully and make sure you meet the criteria. You need to respond in writing to the five questions.
  2. Submit the waiver as well as the General Education Substitution Waiver form.
  3. Mail the forms to: Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311-7001

What do I do if I have a complaint or grievance?

The Nursing Program follows the UW-Green Bay Policies and Procedures for student formal complaints. These policies can be found on the Dean of Students Website,

Academic Grievance
Students who have grievances related to course grades, conduct of classes or other course matters should address those complaints first with the instructor of the course. If the student is not satisfied with the resolution, the grievance can then be taken to the chairperson of the appropriate academic department and, if resolution is not achieved there, the student may then go to the appropriate academic dean.

Non-Academic Grievance
Students who have grievances related to University staff should first address those complaints directly with the individual. If the student is not satisfied, the grievance can then be taken to the appropriate supervisor of that department and, if resolution is not achieved there, the student may then go to the Dean of Students Office.

Pursuant to the United States Department of Education Program Integrity Rule, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is required to provide all prospective and current students with the following information: If you are a student residing in a state other than Wisconsin and have a complaint regarding a distance education course/program or regarding the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, please click here ( for information related to how to resolve a complaint as well as a list of contacts from each state in which a student may file a complaint.

What do I do if I wish to withdraw from a course and receive a refund?

For information on how to drop a course, withdraw from the program, and/or receive a refund, please contact your advisor. Refund information for the BSN-LINC Program can be found here.

What kind of usernames or log-in IDs and passwords do I need to know?

Students are given a UW-Green Bay network account that they use to access campus technology resources. Information about your account is mailed to you from the Registrar in a welcome letter when you register for your first course at UW-Green Bay. If you change your password, please mark that down.

For information on student computer accounts and default passwords please visit this Computing and Information Technology (CIT) site:

A student’s full Internet email address is (i.e.

Students will use their network account for the following.

  • Log into the Peoplesoft Student Information System (SIS), which is used to register for classes, add or drop classes, view your class schedule, check grades, and conduct your business as a student at UWGB.

Note: BSN-LINC Track (online students outside of Wisconsin) register through BSN-LINC Registration.

  • Log into campus Windows and Macintosh computers.
  • Access your campus email.
  • Log into Desire2Learn (D2L), our campus course management software. You will have a D2L account if one or more of your instructors use D2L.
  • Access various Library resources and databases.
  • Students who have forgotten their UWGB network password can call the IT Help Desk at (920) 465-2309 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Students in the BSN @ HOME and BSN-LINC tracks also receive separate codes for accessing specific courses through Continuing Education, Outreach, and E-learning (CEOEL). Students in the National Nursing Program additionally receive BSN-LINC Course Registration codes (for registering for BSN-LINC courses).

How do I order textbooks?

Students in the BSN-LINC and BSN@HOME tracks order through the UW Extension Bookstore. Students in the Campus and MSN-LINC tracks order through the Phoenix Bookstore.

How often do I need to check my UW-Green Bay e-mail?

Checking your UW-Green Bay e-mail is an important way to stay in touch with UW-Green Bay policies, news, and announcements. We expect that you will check your UW-Green Bay e-mail at least weekly. Remember that Bursar bills and notifications about registration holds are only sent through your UW-Green Bay e-mail, not through U.S. mail or through other preferred e-mail accounts. Also, some notices about scholarship opportunities, financial aid, and graduation are only sent through UW-Green Bay e-mail.

Information sent via the UW-Green Bay e-mail to all students may not, however, be relevant for students in BSN @ HOME or BSN-LINC/National tracks. For instance, dates and procedures for registering for classes or dropping classes are different for BSN @ HOME and BSN-LINC/National track students than for other UW-Green Bay students.

More information about your user name and password for e-mail is found in the FAQ, "What kind of user names or log-in IDs and passwords do I need to know?" If you have trouble with your UW-Green Bay e-mail user name and password, contact the UW-Green Bay helpdesk at 920-465-2309 or If you change your password, please mark that down in a safe place.

To retrieve your UW-Green Bay e-mails:

  • Go to the UW-Green Bay homepage at
  • Click on Students on the left hand side.
  • Click on Outlook Web. You will need to enter your campus network user name and password.

How do I check grades, check degree progress, or apply for graduation using the Student Information System (SIS)?

The UW-Green Bay Student Information System (SIS) is used for checking grades, checking your degree progress, and applying for graduation. The University does not mail grades to students, so students must use the Student Information System. More information about your user name and password for SIS is found in the FAQ, What kind of user names or log-in IDs and passwords do I need to know?

To access the Student Information System go to the UWGB homepage at . Choose "Current Students" then choose "Student Information System". Log-in with your UW-Green Bay Registration Log-in ID and password. If you do not know your Log-in ID and password, please call the Computer Information Technology (CIT) Help Desk at 902-465-2309 during business hours.

Once you are logged on, it is fairly apparent how to check grades, check degree progress, or apply for graduation. If you have questions about navigating in the SIS after you have logged on, the CIT Help Desk (920-465-2309 or can help you with that. When you view and print-out your degree progress report, note that the requirements that are not yet met show up in bold and/or colored type.

University ID Card

The University ID card is the official identification card for UW-Green Bay students. Campus track students should go to the Information Desk in the University Union to have their photo taken for the University ID Card. The information on the card is also available to BSN @ HOME and BSN-LINC track students. While BSN @ HOME track and BSN-LINC/National track students do not need the card, BSN @ HOME track students who are close to campus are encouraged to obtain the University ID card.

Do I need to send in another copy of my RN License?

The Nursing Program will need an up-to-date copy of your RN license when you begin the program and before you begin Community Health Nursing Practicum experience. Please fax us an up-to-date copy of your license to FAX 920-465-2854.

What is my responsibility during a semester when I am not taking a UW-Green Bay course?

The Nursing Program recognizes that students sometimes take courses toward their degree from other institutions. Students also occasionally do not enroll in courses during a semester because of personal or professional reasons. Even though you are not taking courses from UW-Green Bay, the Nursing Program maintains your files and provides advising for a period of up to two years. Even though a student is not taking a course during a semester, he or she has responsibilities during the 'stop-out' period:

  1. The student should notify the Nursing Program Advisor each semester that he or she is not taking a UW-Green Bay course.
  2. The student should continue reading e-mail in the UW-Green Bay e-mail account once a week. Important information such as program announcements, bills, etc. is sent via the UW-Green Bay account.
  3. The student needs to reactivate his or her admission to UW-Green Bay at least one month prior to beginning of the semester when coursework will again begin. The Nursing Program Advisor can help you with this.
  4. The student needs to have official transcripts from courses completed outside UW-Green Bay sent directly to the Registrar's office.

How do I contact the Computing & Information Technology (CIT) Helpdesk?

The UW-Green Bay Computing & Information Technology (CIT) Helpdesk is available to help you with software and hardware problems. Staff can also help you with problems logging into your UW-Green Bay accounts. Identify yourself to the Helpdesk worker as a nursing student who is off-campus. The Helpdesk is available via e-mail at or phone at 920-465-2309 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Please note that students in the BSN-LINC/National and BSN @ HOME Nursing Tracks also have a different Helpdesk to call for problems with registration or on-line courses supported by Continuing Education, Outreach, and E-learning (CEOEL).

What kind of basic computer knowledge do I need?

We expect that you are able to type, cut and paste within a word processing program, read and respond to e-mails, send e-mail attachments, open e-mail attachments, and search the Internet using search engines. For on-campus face-to-face training, see the workshop list at Training on these topics is also available off-campus through schools, community colleges, and private vendors. Remember that specific questions can often be answered by the Computer & Information Technology (CIT) Helpdesk at 920-465-2309 or

What kind of hardware and software requirements do I need to take an on-line course?

See UKnowIT's hardware recommendations and UKnowIT's recommended software.

What should I do about firewalls when taking an on-line course?

Many corporations and individuals have installed firewalls to protect the computers on their networks. Firewalls can prevent unwanted intrusion of the network (examples: hackers, viruses) and control unwanted traffic to unapproved sites. If you are at work and you encounter a firewall related error message or have problems accessing restricted resources, you may need to contact your corporate IT group for assistance. If you are using your personal computer, and have installed and/or activated firewall or security software, you will need to make sure that the course sites are not blocked, and that ports 80 (standard web port) and 443 (secure sockets port) are open to your Web browser. Information on how to check this should be in the documentation provided with the software involved.

What do I need to know about viruses and how can I download free virus scan software?

A computer virus is a small program that attaches itself to e-mails, images, documents, and other programs. When an infected file is opened or executed, the computer virus is activated. Computer viruses can send themselves to people in your e-mail address book, collect and send personal information, damage files and programs on your computer, or completely erase your hard drive. As more and more people use the Internet, the likelihood that a computer virus will infect your computer increases. UW-Green Bay has purchased "Home Use Rights" for McAfee anti-virus software for employees of the University and currently enrolled students. This agreement allows students, faculty and staff to download VirusScan for Windows or Virex for Macintosh from the CIT Web site and install it on their home computers. The university is offering this software in an effort to ensure that campus and home systems remain free of harmful and malicious virus programs.Information about the free virus scan software is at It is very important to install an anti-virus program and to update the virus definitions frequently in order to provide yourself with the best protection available.

How can I purchase software at a discount through UW-Green Bay?

The Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog (WISC) offers popular software packages for sale at discounts to students and University departments. Microsoft software that would otherwise cost students hundreds of dollars can be purchased through WISC for $25-$100 each. For additional information, see the web page at:

How do I use the UW-Green Bay library system on-line?

Your tuition supports your use of the Cofrin Library and the UW-Green Bay library system. This is a fantastic resource for you. The library subscribes to extensive on-line library databases with many full text articles.

To use the UW-Green Bay online library:

  • Click on the UW-Green Bay library at
  • Click on Off-Campus Access to Electronic Reserves and Online Databases. This is in maroon between the Cofrin Library Catalog box and the Online Databases box.
  • Enter your UW-Green Bay campus network user name and password. If you don't know your UW-Green Bay campus network username and password, contact the UW-Green Bay Helpdesk via e-mail at or phone at 920-465-2309 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Tell the person answering that you are an off-campus nursing student and you need help with getting your password for using the library. If a student worker answers the phone, the worker might need to get a staff person to help you with this.

Once you have logged onto the UW-Green Bay library, you can access the on-line databases. At this time, one login enables you to have access to all of the databases. Pull down 'Select' under Online Databases and and choose a database. Three on-line databases that nursing students find very useful are: ProQuest Nursing, CINHAL, and Academic Search Elite. Click on the database, click on it again. Enter your search terms. You are also able to limit your search to full-text articles and peer review articles (sometimes you need to click on Advanced Search for this). Using on-line databases is one of the most important skills you will learn during the Program. This is the way that you will be accessing information for years to come.

Anne Kasuboski is our distance education librarian. She's excellent and you will receive very friendly and capable service with her and the UWGB library staff. Anne's phone number is 920-465-2543. Her email address is If you have never changed your UW-Green Bay password, Ann can help you find your username and password. Anne can help you locate materials needed for your courses and she can help guide you with literature searches. Students have found that her help is invaluable. Feel free to contact Anne with questions large and small about library services.

How much does tuition cost?

Tuition for UW-Green Bay Campus courses is linked to the following web page:

Tuition for BSN @ HOME Nursing Program courses is stated on the BSN @ HOME Nursing Program homepage under "Courses" on the following web page:

Tuition for BSN-LINC is stated under the FAQs section "How much does it cost?" which can be found on the following web page

Tuition for MSN-LINC Nursing Program courses is stated on the:
MSN-LINC tuition page.

How do I apply for financial aid?

The process for Financial Aid is as follows:

  • Apply as soon after January 1, but not before, for aid for the following academic year. UW-Green Bay's priority date is April 15. This means that applications received by the Financial Aid Office by this date will receive maximum consideration for financial aid. As students are awarded, funding may become limited after April 15.
  • Complete and mail the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the processor listed on the FAFSA or complete the FAFSA on-line at The financial aid school code for UW-Green Bay is 003899.
  • To be eligible for Financial Aid you must take at least 6 credits per semester or over summer session
  • Starting approximately April 15 financial aid awards will be mailed, and students will have three weeks to return the Award form if they wish to decline fall semester awards. Spring and summer financial aid applications are processed as they are received.

If you have financial aid questions, contact the UW-Green Bay Financial Aid Office at or (920) 465-2075. For more information, click on UW-Green Bay's Financial Aid web-page

What kind of scholarships are available?

There are several scholarships made available to RN-BSN students of the three tracks (Campus, BSN @ HOME, and BSN-LINC/National) through the Financial Aid office and also through the Nursing Program office. For information on scholarships made available through the Financial Aid office, students should call 920-465-2075 or email The Nursing Program distributes information and calls for applications as they arrive. For information on scholarships made available through the Nursing Program, students should call 920-465-2826 or email .

Will there be a need for me to contact the Registrar's Office?

Contact the Registrar's Office if you need an official transcript of your grades. Also, information about declaration of major, transfer credits, residency requirements, and graduation requirements are available through the Registrar's Office homepage at: To speak with a registrar's office staff person please call 920-465-2657.

The Registrar's Office will not be able to help you with questions about on-line courses. For those questions, contact your instructor or your advisor.

Who should I ask about problems with my tuition or bill?

If you have questions about your tuition or bill, contact the UW-Green Bay Bursar by calling (920) 465-2224.

What is Sigma Theta Tau International/ Kappa Pi Chapter at-Large?

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing is committed to fostering excellence, scholarship, and leadership in nursing to improve health care worldwide. There are more that 406 chapters worldwide. With 120,000 active members, it is the second largest nursing organization in the world.

Kappa Pi Chapter at-Large is our local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International and is co-sponsored by the UW-Green Bay Professional Nursing Program and Bellin College. The Honor Society was first established at UW-Green Bay in 1985 and was chartered Kappa Pi Chapter in 1988. In 1996, Kappa Pi Chapter was expanded to Kappa Pi Chapter at-Large. As an at-large chapter, members are drawn from both UW-Green Bay and from Bellin College of Nursing. Members are also drawn from nurse leaders in the community.

Membership into the Honor Society is by invitation to baccalaureate and graduate nursing students who demonstrate excellence in scholarship, and the community nurse leaders who exhibit exceptional achievements in nursing. UW-Green Bay nursing students who are enrolled in the Synthesis for Nursing Practice (their last nursing class), have at least a 3.0 GPA, rank in the upper 35% of their class, and meet expectations of academic integrity are sent an invitation to join the organization. Potential members must also obtain two endorsements. A formal induction ceremony is held during late spring.

If you are interested in more information about Kappa Pi Chapter at-Large or would like to check if you qualify for membership please contact the Program Assistant of the UW-Green Bay Nursing Program (920-465-2826 or who will put you in touch with the Eligibility Chairperson. For comprehensive information about Sigma Theta Tau, visit:

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Students with excellent academic records are eligible to be nominated to the Green Bay Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest and largest national honor society which recognizes and encourages superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. Established in 1897, it has very high academic standards, electing from the upper 5% of students who have reached the final period of their junior year, the upper 10% of senior students and outstanding graduate students, alumni and faculty.

What is honors in the major?

Students with senior standing and with a GPA of 3.75 for all upper level nurses courses may complete an honors in the major project under the advisement of a regular member of the nursing faculty. Honors in the major are different than all-university honors and recognize students at graduation with excellence in the major.

What are All University (Latin) Honors?

Students receiving All University (Latin) honors at commencement ceremony are recognized with honor cords. Cum Laude designation requires a cumulative grade point average from 3.5 to 3.749. Magna Cum Laude designation requires a cumulative grade point average from 3.75 to 3.849. Summa Cum Laude designation requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.85 or higher; or a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 to 3.849 and eligibility for and successful completion of an honors in the major project.

The cumulative grade point average must be achieved on the basis of a minimum of 48 regularly graded (not P-NC or audit) credits taken at UW-Green Bay . For complete descriptions of Honors policies see the UW-Green Bay Undergraduate catalog at

How do I apply for graduation?

Students apply for graduation using the Student Information System. This should be done at least a full semester prior to graduation. Also, contact the Nursing Program advisor a semester or two before graduation so the Advisor can check over your record to make sure you are ready to graduate. To apply for graduation:

  • Logon to the Student Information System at
  • From the Main Menu, select Self Service
  • From the Degree Progress / Graduation section, select Apply for Graduation
  • Your major(s) and minor(s) will be displayed. Click on the Academic Program on any of them. You will do this process only once, no matter how many academic programs you have.
  • Click the drop-down arrow for Expected Graduation Term to select the term
  • Graduation Instructions will appear. Be sure to read them carefully.
  • Click on Continue
  • Enter your name as you would like it to appear on your diploma, and the address to where your diploma should be mailed.
  • When all information is entered correctly, click Submit Application

What else should I know about graduation?

Students are encouraged to come to commencement which is a lovely ceremony at UW-Green Bay. After applying for graduation, a graduation fee of $15 will be added to your tuition bill. Without this, the diploma will not be mailed. Graduation attire can be purchased at the Phoenix Bookstore on campus or online at in mid-May and mid-December. To purchase the graduation attire: click online store, click enter store, click on graduation attire on the left, click on cap/gown purchase, click on quantities, click on add to cart. If you have questions about ordering graduation attire, contact the Phoenix Bookstore at or 920-465-2323. Further information about graduation including commencement information, diplomas, etc. is available at

Department Info

  • Professional Program in Nursing, RH 325
    UW-Green Bay, 2420 Nicolet Dr
    Green Bay, WI 54311-7001
  • (920) 465-2826 or (888) 674-8942