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Nutrition Science Featured Alumni

Graduates of UW-Green Bay’s nutrition science and dietetics programs are highly respected and sought-after candidates across the career spectrum.  Meet a sampling of alumni who have achieved success in nutritional sciences careers and are making a positive difference in our world.

Jamie Hurley, BS, RD

Director of Food Service for Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) School System
Green Bay, WI
I am thankful for being a part of this program as it provided me with the education, volunteer experience, work experience, internship experience, and mentorship needed to be successful.  As a student of this program I remember our professors being open to questions, assisting when needed, and sharing numerous opportunities to volunteer and/or gain work experience in the field.  This was beyond valuable to me, and ultimately led to my current role as Director of Food Service for the Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) School System.  I truly enjoy the work I do in providing healthy, kid-friendly meals to ensure students are well-nourished throughout the day.

My suggestion for future students is to get involved in as many areas of your community as you can!  The more you network, the more individuals you will meet, and the more you will grow personally and professionally. Plus, by being involved, you may hear of opportunities you never even knew existed."

Daniel Schultz, MS, RD

Administrator at Tufts University, Childhood Obesity 180 Program
Boston, MA
Daniel works at Tufts University working with the ChildObesity180 program as a project administrator. His work focuses on helping to integrate physical activity programs into the Boston Public School District.

Daniel's advice to current and future UWGB nutritional science and dietetics students:

"Take a systems approach to your work and focus on the prevention instead of treatment of disease. As important as it is to make an impact with individual counseling sessions, as practitioners everyone must be aware of the systems and policies in place that impact the client's health outcomes and food choices. As future registered dietitians, you have the power and knowledge to help play a role in preventing lifestyle related diseases and can advocate for local policies that create a culture of health in your community."

Lee Hyrkas, RD

Diabetes Educator and Performance Nutrition Specialist, Bellin Health
Green Bay, WI
Lee is a registered dietician, diabetes educator and performance nutrition specialist at Bellin Health. He specializes in providing evidence-based nutrition counseling to enhance athletic performance as well as promoting health and wellness.

Lee completed his undergraduate work at UWGB. During his time at UWGB, Lee worked at the Kress Events Center as a student assistance strength coach and personal trainer. These opportunities provided him with valuable hands-on work experience and allowed him to broaden his knowledge on the impact of nutrition on sports performance.

Lee encourages nutritional science students to seek out hands-on experience. Experiences may include working at a health club, volunteering at food pantries, or shadowing registered dietitians in a variety of settings (clinical, foodservice, long-term care, etc.). He believes this is an ideal way for students to determine their areas of interest within dietetics and possibly lead to future job opportunities.

Kristen Kizer, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian at Houston Methodist Hospital
Houston, TX
After graduating from UWGB I applied immediately for an internship and received my top choice at the University of Houston. In my internship, I felt better prepared than many of my fellow interns and managed all my rotations well. I received a full-time job offer from one of my internship rotations and have been in a role I absolutely love since then. UW-GB's emphasis on real-world practical assignments was invaluable and I've even used projects I did in undergraduate in my professional setting.

Currently I  am a registered dietitian in the Wellness department at Houston Methodist, the number one hospital in Texas, where I do individual nutritional counseling focusing on weight loss and diabetes prevention and management. I create and teach several group classes a week and am also a fitness instructor. I precept the dietetic interns and have started working with the professional soccer players for Houston's M.LS team, the Dynamo.

My advice to students is to be bold in trying to get experience both before and during the internship, and to always be learning. When you're a dietitian, people expect you to know absolutely everything. I'm always perusing grocery stores, searching PubMed for evidence-based answers and currently working towards my Master's degree."