International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program, typically studied in the last two years of high school, emphasizes the philosophy of learning. It is a comprehensive curriculum allowing its graduates to fulfill requirements of the various international systems of education. The advanced level at which subjects are taught motivates academically talented students toward greater achievement.

Most subjects offered have syllabi for two levels of accomplishment. The Higher level (HL) syllabus includes material which typically requires two years of preparation for the exam. The Standard (subsidiary) level (SL) syllabus requires about half as much preparation time.  Students who have taken International Baccalaureate courses may choose to take International Baccalaureate exams.  These exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 representing the highest performance.  UW-Green Bay acknowledges the achievements of students who have successfully completed HL International Baccalaureate exams (score of 4 or higher) by awarding credit, as shown in the Table below. All elective credit shown below is lower-level credit.  Please note that all exams listed below are HL unless otherwise noted as SL.

UW-Green Bay International Baccalaureate Exam Equivalencies

(Updated October 29, 2015)

International Baccalaureate Examination Exam Level Score Required UW-Green Bay Course Equivalency # of credits Notes
English A: Language & Literature HL 4,5,6,7 ENG 104 & ENG COMP 100 6 1,2
English A: Literature HL 4,5,6,7 ENG 104 3 1,2
Latin HL 4,5,6,7 HUM STUD elective 8 1
Latin SL 4,5,6,7 HUM STUD elective 4 1
French A or B HL 4,5,6,7 FREN elective 6 3,4
French ab SL 4,5,6,7 FREN 101 4 3 ,4
German A or B HL 4,5,6,7 GERM elective 6 3,4
German ab SL 4,5,6,7 GERM 101 4 3,4
Spanish A or B HL 4,5,6,7 SPAN elective 6 3,4
Spanish ab SL 4,5,6,7 SPAN 101 4 3,4
Business & Mgmt HL 4,5,6,7 BUS ADM 202 3  
Economics HL 4,5,6,7 ECON 202 & 203 6 1,2
Geography HL 4,5,6,7 GEOG 102 & 210 6  
History HL 4,5,6,7 HIST elective 3 1,2
History of the Americas HL 4,5,6,7 HIST elective 3 1,2
History of Europe HL 4,5,6,7 HIST elective 3  1,2
Information Tech in a Global Society HL 4,5,6,7 INFO SCI 308 3  
Philosophy HL 4,5,6,7 PHILOS 101 3  
Psychology HL 4,5,6,7 PSYCH 102 3 1,2
Social & Cultural Anthropology HL 4,5,6,7 ANTH 100 3  
Biology HL 4,5,6,7 BIOL 201 & 202 4 1,2
Chemistry HL 4,5,6,7 CHEM 211/213 & 212/214 10  1,2
Computer Science HL 4,5,6,7 COMP SCI elective 3 1
Design Technology HL   TBD    
Physics HL 4 PHYS 103 with lab waived 5 1
Physics HL 5,6,7 PHYS 103 & 104 with lab waived 10 1
Further Mathematics HL   TBD   1,2
Mathematics HL 4,5 MATH 202 4 1,2
Mathematics HL 6,7 MATH 202 & 203 8 1,2
Dance HL   TBD    
Film HL   TBD    
Music HL 4,5,6,7 MUSIC 121 3 1
Theatre HL 4,5,6,7 THEATRE elective 3  
Visual Arts HL 4,5,6,7 ART LL elective 6  
Art/Design HL 4,5,6,7 ART elective 3 1

For score of 28+, full diploma recipients receive 3 elective credits in addition to the credits awarded for scores of 4,5,6,7 on their Higher Level exams (see Equivalency Table, above).


Students taking SL courses who want to earn credit at UW-Green Bay are encouraged to consider the following options. Please note that the option numbers correspond to the numbers in the “Notes” column of the preceding table.

1. Advanced Placement exams are available for these subjects, and are accepted for credit at UW-Green Bay. Contact the Coordinator of Testing Services at UW-Green Bay for details.

2. CLEP exams are available for these subjects, and are accepted for credit at UW-Green Bay. Contact the Coordinator of Testing Services at UW-Green Bay for details.

3. Advanced Placement and CLEP exams are available for these subjects, and are accepted for credit at UW-Green Bay. Students with more than two years of high school foreign language are strongly encouraged to pursue retroactive credit INSTEAD of credit by exam. Students can earn up to 14 retroactive credits in a foreign language at UW-Green Bay, depending on the course in which they are placed at UW-Green Bay and their final grade in the course.

4. See Modern Languages Department Chair for more information.

General Note: Students who have taken SL courses for which there is no Advanced Placement or CLEP exam option, may ask a UW-Green Bay faculty member to provide a Challenge Exam. Faculty members are not required to fulfill student requests for Challenge Exams.

Contact the International Baccalaureate Organization for more information